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Night of 100 Ninja
Darkness Element
Power 2
Level	90	
XP	8582	
Gold	2862	
Melee	15	
Ranged	15	
Magic	15	
STR	50	
DEX	125	
INT	50	
END	50	
CHA	75	
LUK	100	
Fire	110	
Water	100	
Wind	100	
Ice	80	
Earth	100	
Energy	120	
Light	130	
Dark	50	
  • This monster functions as a pack of three monsters, chosen from a Kunoichi ( Elizabeth, oldest version ), NinjaZard, and Undead Ninja.
  • During its turn, if one of its ninjas is dead, another one may appear as reinforcements. If the reinforcement is the Kunoichi, then it also heals all HP and MP*, and summons forth as many ninjas as possible**.
  • You must kill a total of 100 Ninjas to win the battle. Its HP cannot decrease below 1 if 100 Ninjas are not dead.
  • Every time you kill a ninja, the number in the name decreases by 1 (to "Night of 99 Ninjas", then "Night of 98 Ninjas", etc).

    * - The Undead Kunoichi charges the Night with profane vitality...
    ** - Kunoichi: Don't believe in yourselves! Believe in me who'll make dying seem like a pleasant vacation if you don't get out here now!

    Why did it have to be Ninjas???

    Write-up by Suikoman444. Effect from Nex del Vida and vezha. Update from Memory of a Nightmare. Also thanks to RASTAFARIAN. Image from Balu.

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