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Pink BrainProdder
Also see Pink BrainPoker.

Wind Element
Power 2.5
Level	85	
XP	8490	
Gold	2111	
Melee	45	
Ranged	45	
Magic	45	
STR	175	
DEX	175	
INT	50	
END	25	
CHA	0	
LUK	0	
Fire	-25	
Water	0	
Wind	0	
Ice	160	
Earth	110	
Energy	110	
Light	70	
Dark	70	
  • If its Melee attack connects, you lose 15 INT*. Your INT cannot fall below -100 with this effect. The BrainProdder gains INT equal to the INT it drained from you.
  • After its Melee attack, there is a chance of your turn being skipped and the BrainProdder attacking again.**

    * - The Pink BrainProdder pokes your brain, and your brain doesn't like it!
    ** - Uh... Uhh.. What's this weapon for? The stars are pretty here...

    This 4-legged birdbrain's long beak can puncture the skull of just about any living thing that has a skull! Ouch...

    Originally posted by In Media Res. Stats and effect by dna cupcake. Thanks in part to ruleandrew.

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