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whackybeanz -> Plasma Dragon Lord (12/12/2012 23:35:05)

Plasma Dragon Lord
Energy Element
Power 2.5
Level	85	
XP	3702	
Gold	3707	
Melee	47	
Ranged	47	
Magic	47	
STR	0	
DEX	140	
INT	155	
END	130	
CHA	0	
LUK	0	
Fire	-50	
Water	165	
Wind	80	
Ice	165	
Earth	10	
Energy	-50	
Light	10	
Dark	80	
  • Can Backlash 6% of damage dealt as Fire damage.
  • Regenerates 80 SP per turn.
  • If he has at least 358 SP and 477 MP, he spends that much on an atomic breath, which will Burn* you if any hit connects. If he lacks MP, the atomic breath will not Burn you.

    *The atomic breath leaves you with a nasty elemental burn!

    Plasma Dragons are rare creatures who are said to reside very near the core of the world. Some evil force must have brought this dragon to the surface and is forcing him to battle.

    Originally posted by Eskobar. Image by Suikoman444 and DragonUltraMaster. Rewards by Balu. Updated basic stats by Suikoman444 and Scakk.

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