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Potion Treasure Chest
Earth Element
Power 1
Level	0	
XP	0	
Gold	0	
Melee	25	
Ranged	25	
Magic	25	
STR	0	
DEX	0	
INT	0	
END	0	
CHA	0	
LUK	2000	
Fire	100	
Water	100	
Wind	100	
Ice	100	
Earth	100	
Energy	100	
Light	100	
Dark	100	
  • The chest contains three potions (either Mana or Health). However, there is a [40 - Your Luck/5]% chance that the chest is trapped. If it is, you have a chance of disarming it equal to your Dexterity. If you open it and the trap goes off, you lose 25% of your current HP (rounded down), or 35% if you tried to disarm it and failed.

    What amazing luck, You found a small chest! What can be inside it though? Could you be lucky enough that it is not trapped? Are you dextrous enough to find any traps?

    Originally posted by darkside444. Image by Coronet and Scakk. Element from SLC.

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