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Dragoon23 -> The Elder Void Wyrm (12/13/2012 1:29:34)

The Elder Void Wyrm
Void Element
Power 3.75
Level	121	
XP	122147	
Gold	122147	
Melee	58	
Ranged	58	
Magic	58	
STR	200	
DEX	200	
INT	0	
END	5	
CHA	0	
LUK	200	
Fire	200	
Water	200	
Wind	200	
Ice	200	
Earth	200	
Energy	200	
Light	200	
Dark	200	
Harm    0
Void    -300
  • If at least one of your pet, guest, weapon specials, spells, or normal player attacks misses, then at the beginning of the monster's turn, you take some damage and the monster heals some SP.*.
  • Heals 107 SP per turn.
  • Its breath attack uses 546 SP.
  • When defeated, you can click on its claw to collect it**. (The claw is used in Dragonslayer training.)

    *You feel your Life force being drawn into the void...
    **You tear out one of the Void Dragon's deadly claws!

    Once a dragon with the potential to become a Great Dragon, instead of being saturated with its element it became saturated with Void energy, transforming it into this nameless horror. Unstabilized dragonsbane pulls its power against the Elements from the Void....

    Corrections from The 13th and jsrjohnny. Second Gold from DragonUltraMaster. Update from Mysterious Strangeface. Message from fenmeisterkronos. Update thanks to Dragoon23 and 1stClassGenesis.

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