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Sir Pwnsalot
Darkness Element
Power 1
Level	Yours
XP	100	
Gold	0	
Melee	20	
Ranged	20	
Magic	20	
STR	Yours + 25	
DEX	Yours + 25	
INT	Yours + 25	
END	Yours + 25	
CHA	Yours + 25	
LUK	Yours + 25	
Fire	75	
Water	75	
Wind	75	
Ice	75	
Earth	75	
Energy	75	
Light	75	
Dark	75	
  • He "untrains" your stats and allows you to re-train them. At the beginning of battle, you chose a stat. If you lose the battle your HP is reduced to 25% of total, Sir Pwnsalot declares himself victorious, and your stat gets untrained.
  • His attacks cannot reduce your HP below 1.
  • You can click on his jaw to "steal" it from him. This makes him really, really angry*, which makes him deal more damage.

    *You grabbed Sir Pwnsalot's Jaw... Run!!!

    The oldest trainer in Lore. He used to be quite "popular", but now finds himself a bit lost, a bit worse for the wear, and quite lonely.

    Old Picture
    Original Picture

    Updated effect from Aelthai, magicdog, fenmeisterkronos, icydarkstary, Darches and In Media Res.

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