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Baron Dante -> Petrified DragonLion's Head (12/20/2012 16:48:44)

[image][/image]Petrified DragonLion's Head
Who's scared of that mean ol' witch? This item requires a Dragon Amulet.

Location: CC Lions
Price: 20,000 Gold
Sellback: 2,000 Gold

Level: 80
Element: Stone
Stats: Block +1, Dodge +1, Parry +2, Crit +8, Magic Def +10, Pierce Def +10, Melee Def +10, WIS +6, END +4, CHA +6, LUK +6, INT +9, DEX +9, STR +9, Bonus +9
Resists: Fire +12, Darkness +10, Stone +10, Bacon +8, Immobility +5

Rarity: 25
Item Type: Helm
Equip Spot: Head
Category: Armor

Other information
  • Helm is color custom to your hair and skin color.


    Also See: (Color Custom, Dragon Amulet) Timid DragonLion's Head, Nervous DragonLion's Head, Alarmed DragonLion's Head, Spooked DragonLion's Head, Panicky DragonLion's Head
    (Color Custom, Dragon Coins) Timid DragonLion's Noble Head, Nervous DragonLion's Noble Head, Alarmed DragonLion's Noble Head, Spooked DragonLion's Noble Head, Panicky DragonLion's Noble Head, Petrified DragonLion's Noble Head
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