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Location: Finding the Red Brick Road, The Necromancer of SiOO

Quests given

Shops owned

Finding the Red Brick Road

Thom: Yeah, little help?
Thom: What?
Thom: Never seen a scarecrow before?
Thom: Or is your head just as hollow as mine?

Thom: Let's just say, I'm smarter than I look.
Thom: What's a fleshie like you wandering the woods for, anyways?
Thom: Just the fact that you're here in the middle of night makes me think you're just as smart as you look.

Thom: What? Why do you need the road? Are you looking for the necromancer of SiOO?

Thom: *Sigh*
Thom: The.
Thom: Necromancer.
Thom: Of SiOO.

Thom: Ugh, just help me down and I'll take you to the Necromancer. We're going to have to find Ralon, though, and a disguise for you....

Thom: You're a fleshie wandering around the woods of an all-powerful Necromancer that you've never heard of in the middle of the night.
Thom: Even with the disguise we're still going to run into things that'll look at you funny and try to pull out your bones.
Thom: And Ralon is probably just idling under a tree somewhere. If I leave him out in the snow, he's gonna rust.
Thom: Just help me down, <Class>.

  • Fine!
    Thom: Don't forget the disguise. I got it off some unfortunate who didn't make it through the woods.
    Thom: He had a whole bunch of color -custom ones too, but they were too flashy and I left those behind. This one should work.

  • Get Disguise - adds Lion Mane Disguise to your Temporary Items.
    Thom: Good, now help me down and let's go find Ralon. Then I'll take you to the Necromancer and see if they can help you.

    Thom: ... Ralon, move to your left....

    Thom: Which is SiOO.
    Thom: Look, whoever this purple lady is... the Necromancer should be able to help you. They helped me.
    Thom: I was a lost soul and the Necromancer put me in this body.

    Thom: Better than wandering lost with no body at all.

    Thom: Nah, he's just not that smart.
    Thom: Let's go see the Necromancer.

    The Necromancer of SiOO

    Thom: ... Seriously, Ralon, move to your left....

    Thom: Just go ahead, <Character>. I need to help him. I'll meet you in the Necromancer's cavern.


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