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Zuaro -> Blood for Glory (12/21/2012 20:52:40)

!Blood for Glory!

Picture proving that this guild is real.
Blood for Glory Pic

We started in February of 2012. We grew and grew and eventually became the strongest PvP clan on the Galanoth Sever. We were UNDEFEATED. As more players came in, we dealt with more struggles. Eventually, we fell apart. December 19, 2012 we decided to re-group as a guild. Thus Blood for Glory was reborn!

We're an all around guild. We do Farming, Training, and PvP. But mostly PvP. We enjoy to help other players, especially those whom has just started playing. But, PvP is our main focus.

You must be level 35 or Above to join. You will also have to be able to beat either Zuaro, Dks96, or Synaru2 in PvP to join. You only have three chances. You MUST BE ACTIVE!!!

I'm the leader. I play on a level 36 account named Zuaro but for clan related events, I use my alt, Bi9B00ty.

Current Members
The Current members are: Zuaro, Dks96, Synaru2, Fiume, Smash_Kid, HotPockets666, A42U, Kait18, and Ramu6262. We are recruiting so PM me if you'd like to join.

- No botting or hacking what-so-ever -
- No abuse towards any player, in the clan or not -
- Treat your clan-mates with respect -
- ALWAYS say "Good Game" after a PvP match, win or lose -
- You must NOT be in another clan -
- Be professional -

Consequences for breaking these rules
Consequence #1 - Verbal Warning
Consequence #2 - Suspension from the clan
Consequence #3 - Removal from the clan

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