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Smackie El Frog -> The Evil Council [Legion] (12/23/2012 14:14:03)



Group Name: The Evil Council

Faction Screenshot: Link

Focus: Rid Delta V of its lower class, the exiles.

Instructions to Join: Either post here or contact either me or any of the officers of The Evil Council through private messages. Post or private message us a link to your character page along with this info:

Character win/loss record
Battle Tokens:

Faction Hierarchy:

Smackie El Frog


Mokta 3
Gag On A Fish
Lord Loss...
Digital X

Focus: The Evil Council is a Beta Faction that supports Legion. We are many and we are Evil. Players in TEC have proven themselves on many different levels. We are extremely loyal and proud and have a strong understanding of the game.

Group website:!/TECED

Group story: What is the Evil Council's plan? Nyah. Haha. It is EVIL, it is so EVIL. It is a bad, bad plan, which will hurt many... people... who are good. I think it's great that it's so bad.

Group Restrictions/Rules:
Do not spam.
Do not advertise.
Do not flame legion players or factions.

Reach #1 Rank for All Time - Flag Captures.
Reach Faction Level 13

Enemies: Exile factions with a few in particular.

Rules: Stay active and donate to Oz Flag Or Naval Yard Flag

Do you play AQW? Want to join The Evil Council's guild also? Join here!

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (12/26/2012 17:31:10)

This thread will be checked actively and I will approve you for the faction as soon as possible.

Bloodpact -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (1/22/2013 13:17:58)


Character win/loss record like 75-80%
1v1 5300 wins 8xx loss
2v2 940 wins 35x loss
Jugg 160 wins 34 loss
Battle Tokens: like 1000 atm

Just recently got the class change I needed so I am fairly active. I play for at lease 2 hours a day. Hope you have room for me ^_^ been looking for a decent Legion Clan. Regards Bloodpact~

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (6/25/2013 18:14:28)

Oh lookie at that! The Evil Council is featured in today's design notes.

Stephen Nix -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (7/19/2013 15:09:47)

Character win/loss record pretty much 80-85% win rate.
1v1 2997
2v2 1052
Jugg 4

I changed my class and have plenty of varium on top of that, I hope that one day I could join the alliance, I'm also good friends with Digital X.

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (7/24/2013 8:13:34)

Hey Stephen!

Since you are friends with Digi I will delegate the recruitment to him!

Sabnock -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (5/2/2014 6:25:23)

Hi i was in the faction before but i lost my internet for couple of days and i was kicked. I play every day and i plan to play a lot more my name is Sabnock (M.Sabnock) i am a demon, Marquis of hell

1vs1 Wins: 785 Losses: 708
2vs2 Wins: 591 Losses: 430
Juggernaut Wins: 6 Losses: 2 i just got the silver skull i will win more (also i would like to point out that the first time i did a jugg i won )

1346y -> RE: The Evil Council [Legion] (10/21/2014 7:49:02)

Hi my name is Andy and i would like to join your Fraction! I am very active playing nearly everyday. I am a level 38 BH
1vs1 wins: 2024
2vs2 wins: 253

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