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Smackie El Frog -> The Evil Council [AQW] (12/23/2012 15:10:51)


Guild Name: The Evil Council

Focus: Be evil and do as you please.

Instructions to Join: If you are level 40+ either post here or contact either me or any of the officers of The Evil Council through private messages. Post or private message us a link to your character page along with this info:

Amount of gold:
Expiration Date of Membership if applicable:

Guild Hierarchy:

Smackie El Frog


Lord Loss 888
Unip Flare
Digital X
Die Hunter
Mokta 1

Focus: The Evil Council is a Guild that supports Evil. We are many and we are Evil. Players in TEC have proven themselves on many different levels. We are extremely loyal and proud and have a strong understanding of the game.

Group website:!/TECED

Group story: What is the Evil Council's plan? Nyah. Haha. It is EVIL, it is so EVIL. It is a bad, bad plan, which will hurt many... people... who are good. I think it's great that it's so bad.

Group Restrictions/Rules:
Do not spam.
Do not advertise.
Do not flame evil players or guilds.

Reach Max Guild Space 50/50
All members to reach Level 50.

Enemies: Guilds that are of good alignment.

Rules: Stay active with the storyline and level up to the cap!

Do you play EpicDuel? Want to join The Evil Council's faction also? Join here!

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 17:30:04)

This thread will be checked actively and I will approve you for the guild as soon as possible.

arecio -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 17:44:38)

can i join Arecio Lvl 45 Evil Faction over 1,522,929

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 17:48:58)

Sure! Can you meet online now?

arecio -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 17:52:06)

cysero server whisper arecio

Darkoake445 -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 18:11:04)

Could I join the guild? I'm sure you know I'm already in the faction and I'm level 42 because of inactivity a long time ago.

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 18:14:59)

Hmm darkoake hard to answer you...[8D] meet me at /join battleon-1337 in cysero sever

Darkoake445 -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/26/2012 18:19:45)

Lol, Ok right away.

nothi -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/27/2012 12:11:31)

Hey can i join the guild i have been playing for 1 year now i am lvl 43 follower of dage and with the shadowscythce. I have undead overlord, DeathBinger set and bunch of stuff never been in a guild befor i would like to see if i can join my game name is Nothi and i dont have a membership.

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (12/27/2012 12:17:19)

Looks good to me! Can you meet online now? cysero server /join battleon-1337. I will be there asap

psychovr -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (2/4/2013 8:19:04)

Hi guys, I want to join, my cp:

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (2/22/2013 16:01:13)

Currently 27/50 guild spaces! Looking to join a Evil Guild? Well look no further!

legion of souls -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (3/2/2013 0:03:57)

Ahhh, smackie.. has TEC moved into AQW?

Lol, i bet half your members dont know of TEC's reputation in ED lol

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (3/2/2013 14:46:06)

You would be wrong Legion of souls[8D] About 90% of the guild members are Epic Duel players with accounts in AQW!

But I would say that you are correct that most AQW players are unaware of The Evil Councils reputation in Epic Duel[:'(]

Calogero -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (3/2/2013 14:50:21)

That's a good thing on occasion smackie... :P

Most if not all of the The Evil Council Guild are players from EpicDuel

Lord Loss... -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (3/18/2013 10:55:41)

TEC is the best faction/guild to be in. I especially love the officer Lord Loss... He seems to be the best.

King of fate -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (3/28/2013 19:23:35)

Hi my name is king of fate, i am lvl 45 doom knight overlord/paladain highlord. i am a big pvper and i would like to join your clan,i am usually in server cysero/yulgar-99909 messagwe me back if your looking to add me in.
My question is do you do calm pvps. and how do you move up in the ranks in this clan

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (3/30/2013 14:33:41)

Right now my officers are players I know well and trust because officers have the power to kick and recruit. Since there is nothing in aqw that you can prove yourself with...yet. I will not promote anyone I do not know.

Also, you are not what we are looking for sorry. Level up and complete all the storylines and events than come back to me.

Oba -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/7/2013 12:04:00)


I especially love the officer Lord Loss... He seems to be the best.

Liez, dont get fooled by this nonsense!

Hoxos -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/11/2013 11:31:37)

Hey do you mind if I join on my other account I still use
Name: Hoxos
Reason:Looking for a guild with good structure

I want to meet you in this place /join whitemap on Quibble Server.Give me a time and date.

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/11/2013 13:51:56)

Do you mainly play on Moglin servers?

Hoxos -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/11/2013 15:53:39)

This is my first account so yes.I trying to figure out a way to get this account on a Chat server.My other account can go on Chat servers fine

Smackie El Frog -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/11/2013 17:15:43)

It has to do with your age on the account I believe. But until you fix that I cannot recruit you. We would need communication with members outside of canned chat if you were in the guild.

Hoxos -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/11/2013 18:06:33)

Ok I will try to learn how to fix it

PowerInTheNight -> RE: The Evil Council [AQW] (5/25/2013 22:15:52)

Im interested in joining your Guild. It sounds fun

Im level 50 (powermagebty)

So yeah :D

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