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Balu -> Summon Truculently Guarding ElBhe (12/28/2012 8:04:42)

Summon Truculently Guarding ElBhe

Also see other Summon ElBhe spells ( źNormal╗, Z, Pitiless, Rapacious, Ferociously Guarding)

Level: 140
Power Level: 143
Price: 7,749,730 Gold
Sellback: 3,874,865 Gold
Location: Shhh! It's a Seekrat! - The SeekRat's Challenge

Element: Neutral
Cost: 0 MP
Effect: Summons Truculently Guarding ElBhe as a guest. Cast again to dismiss it.

With this spell, you can summon ElBhe the shadowkitten to join you in battle! As a being of shadows, he deals both Darkness and Light damage.

Description from Xrai. Image from In Media Res.

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