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Balu -> Truculently Guarding ElBhe (12/28/2012 9:11:26)

Truculently Guarding ElBhe

Also see other ElBhe guests ( źNormal╗, Z, Pitiless, Rapacious, Ferociously Guardian)

Level: 140
Power Level: 143
MP Level: 142
Location: Summon Truculently Guarding ElBhe
Upkeep: 127 MP. If you don't have enough MP, then it leaves.

ATTACK RATE: [100 + CHA/2]%
Rate at -66 CHA: 67%
Rate at 0 CHA: 100%

ATTACK #1 - Claws
Hits: 3
Type: Melee
Element: Light or Darkness (randomly selected)
Damage: 19-55 plus 444% Stats each
BTH: +31 plus Stats each
Rate: 40%

ATTACK #2 - Tackle
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Light or Darkness (randomly selected)
Damage: 51-151 plus 1211% Stats each
BTH: +39 plus Stats each
Rate: 40%

ATTACK #3 - Laser Eyes
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Light or Darkness (randomly selected)
Damage: 82-245 plus 1972% Stats each
BTH: +35 plus Stats each
Rate: 20%

Against monster categories "burp", "rodent", "bird", "fish", "mermazon", "milk", "yarn", "catnip", and "cheezburger", the Upkeep Cost is reduced to 84 MP.**


Image thanks to balubamboto. Numbers thanks to BlackAces. Speech bubble comments from balubamboto, Dariex and Lord Barrius. Messages from Xrai.


Starts off as 49-146 damage plus 1174% Stats with +35 BTH. All attacks deal 120% damage, to account for the weird elements.

Attack #1 deals 90% damage (total), with -4 BTH and the usual modifiers.
Attack #2 deals 90% damage, with +4 BTH and the usual modifiers.
Attack #3 deals 140% damage.

When triggered, the upkeep cost is multiplied by 0.8, but as a penalty, it's multiplied by 1.2 when not triggered.


When ElBhe enters battle, he makes a speech bubble comment, selecting one from the following pool at random:

  • I'd ask you to take a moment to take in my cuteness, but we'd be here all day.
  • If you're not fighting something edible this time, I'm not interested.
  • I'd better get lots of string and catnip for this.
  • The secret to my cuteness would blow your mind.
  • Have your people called mine yet...?
  • For the last time, NO, I do NOT say "nyah" when I speak.
  • I'll have you know my Common is better than yours, u n00b.
  • If this doesn't get more interesting, I'm going to start cleaning myself.
  • A hairball puts up a better fight than you do...
  • Baby-talk at me and it's the last mistake you'll ever make.
  • I had a theory about string, too. But once you've unraveled it, it's difficult to wrap back up.
  • When I run out of lives, I just borrow someone else's.
  • A cat in a hat? What the heck's up with that?
  • I am just going to sit here and lick my paw. Let me know when the fighting starts.
  • If you put me in a box, I won't be both alive and dead... just annoyed.
  • If you summon me one more time, I'll leave stains on your house rug.
  • Stop messing around. Combat is srs biznus.
  • You called me away from my scratching post. I suppose clawing at [Monster name] will have to do.
  • I feel sorry for the Gatta. Who would want to put up with being even partially humanoid?
  • Awwww, does [Monster name] need a belly scratching too?

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