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Koree -> Enhancing Damage Over Time Effects (12/28/2012 10:47:36)

Some items that can inflict statuses that do damage over time, such as Poison and Burn, allow these effects to be enhanced by trying to inflict the status on something that is already affected by the said status. Instead of resetting the duration for the status, they simply increase their power variable. The new power is determined by the following formula:
    New Power = ([OldTotal] + [NewTotal]) / [Old Status's Remaining Duration]


    • OldTotal = [Old Status Power]*[Old Status's Remaining Duration]*[Over Time Bonus]

    • NewTotal = [New Status Power]*[New Status Duration]

    • Over Time Bonus = 1 + ([Old Status's Original Duration] - [Old Status's Remaining Duration])/100


You Burn a monster for 5 rounds, with a Power of 2. When there are 2 rounds remaining, you try to enhance the Burn with another one that has a Power of 2.5 and a duration of 3 rounds.
    New Power = ([Old Status Power]*[Old Status's Remaining Duration]*(1 + ([Old Status's Original Duration] - [Old Status's Remaining Duration])/100) + [New Status Power]*[New Status Duration]) / [Old Status's Remaining Duration]
    New Power = (2*2*(1+(5 - 2)/100) + 2.5*3) / 2
    New Power = 5.81
The remaining duration of the old status stays, so it's 2 rounds with a power of 5.81.

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