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Owmyfoot -> 1337 (12/28/2012 11:49:52)

1337 Is a guild of collectors and wierdoes that hang out in Evil Sir Ver, u can mostly find us around Yulgar

Our goal is to hunt rares , hang out and have fun together, get badges, do events ,level, rank up our guild members or just hang around somewere to kill some time.

Requirements: must atleast own 10 rare items and have done most of the game, must also be active in evil sirver (atleast log in once a week)

Leader :

Officers :

Recruiting: If u want to join our guild, meet us in evil sirver. We have active players running around there that can get in touch with me or my officers
u can also contact me over twitter to apply @owmyfoot.


ScorpionEX: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=scorpionex

furioushermes: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=furioushermes

Kingcliff: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=kingcliff

Demon33: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=demon33

Selpture209: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=selpture209

R3aper13: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=r3aper13

Sage fish: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=sage%20fish

Pokeboy: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Pokeboy64

ChristianoXD: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=ChristianoXD

Bpo: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=bpo

Phage: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Phage

XxXweezyXxX: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=XxXweezyXxX

dp est 1885: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=dp%20est%201885

Mokimoki45 : http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=mokimoki45

stiky321: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=stiky321

aaa deisel: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=aaa%20deisel

9kas1918: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=9kas1918

Rune master Andy: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Rune%20master%20Andy

sword of awesome: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=sword%20of%20awesome

xbox987987: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=xbox987987

Beastly Adams: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Beastly%20Adams

dragonjack123: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=dragonjack123

ben ladden: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=ben%20ladden

Viperacr13: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=viperacr13

mdm29: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=mdm29

ideath V: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=ideath%20V

shadicx10: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=shadicx10

mickey7303: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=mickey7303

Drakos Phoenixblaze: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Drakos%20Phoenixblaze

Agathor63: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Agathor63

Teh LolWut Pwn: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=teh%20lolwut%20pwn

Cedfik : http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=cedfik

chris_1245: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=chris_1245

kmousselli: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=kmousselli

Jinapachi: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=jinapachi

Ryukitsu123: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=ryukitsu123

Guild Fund : 3000 ac's donated by The Sinister Shadow

Demon33 -> RE: 1337 (1/22/2013 7:39:25)

Post it in the official guild list forum already! :P And are we ready to make me officer again yet? :3

Owmyfoot -> RE: 1337 (1/22/2013 18:10:59)

This is the official guild page duh xP and were not done rolling yet

Demon33 -> RE: 1337 (1/23/2013 7:42:00)

Post it HERE > http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20708619 < :3

Soul Valkyrie -> RE: 1337 (2/23/2013 8:08:20)

can i join the guild i have lots of rares :3

Demon33 -> RE: 1337 (3/15/2013 7:25:39)

I think the page needs updating ;P

Demon33 -> RE: 1337 (5/6/2013 3:00:57)

Made a guild site, if you guys are interested :P 1337aqw.enjin.com

Dem Muscles -> RE: 1337 (6/5/2013 4:56:36)

Owie,Its me 9kas1918.

Daezen -> RE: 1337 (6/5/2013 21:35:15)

Can I join? I kinda started playing again last April with a new account but I surely have more than 10 rares. I play alot in Evil Sir Ver too and I once hung out with some of your guildmates at yulgar. Really a good group of people to be with.

Frankydoodle -> RE: 1337 (11/22/2013 12:28:56)

Would like to join :_) Im online everyday, realy active and nice with everyone :_)

Cons -> RE: 1337 (1/11/2014 10:37:51)

Hi. I have sent an application on the website as well as twitter. I met 2 1337 members, of which one was ownmyfoot but he was afk for hours so i couldn't join. My time zone is GMT +1 so it shouldn't be a real problem to meet ownmyfoot when he's not afk as he is in the same time zone as me.

agath awww -> RE: 1337 (5/6/2014 7:27:23)

lol 1337 guild members need updating.
I used to be agathor63 [:)]

makeshift7x -> RE: 1337 (7/4/2016 14:10:03)

hey can i join your'e guild, i meet all the requirements. My in-game name is makeshift7x and i see members of this guild all the time in yulgar and have talked to them.

Demon33 -> RE: 1337 (11/22/2017 17:51:44)

Wow. Long time guys.

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