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Enigmatic Luminous Blade

Also see Mystical, Occult, Arcane, Esoteric, Hermetic, Recondite, and Anagogic Luminous Blades.

Level: 150G
Power Level: 153
Price: 22,004,697
Sellback: 11,002,348
Location: A Mysterious Visitor

Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: 18-30
BTH: 19

Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: 478.33% Base and Random each
Stats: 370% each*
BTH: 54
Rate: 20%

*Stat damage only applies when a lucky strike occurs.

  • Special gains +5 BTH and deals *85/90 damage. (Not Factored In)

    Against shadow monsters, it deals 110% damage and element seeks. Versus anything else, it deals 95% damage.

    A sword crafted in the same fashion as Algern's powerful Darkness blade! It also performs quite well against shadowkin! But what was it doing in the SeekRat's base camp....?


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to Mage of Awe. Description thanks to bszoke88. Typo fix thanks to Xrai.

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