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Lord Barrius -> =Contest= Army in the Shadows! (1/9/2013 21:30:33)

As you know, there has been a brand new storyline released within The Veil....the story of a powerful shadow being whose plans seem shrouded in mystery. But one thing’s for sure: he has an unnatural command over the forces of the shadow universe, bending all to his will, and he has no trouble raising armies to throw against you!

And this is your chance to help him out! No, really!

Today I announce the “Army in the Shadows!” contest. Our goal is to come up with lots of juicy ideas for new monsters and new rewards to be implemented in the Ultimon storyline.

There are two categories that you can enter in:

1) Create a new and unique shadow monster that you feel might be considered a greater threat than a normal shadow creature.

2) Create a new and unique item (weapon, armor, etc.) that you feel would be an appropriate reward for defeating an army of shadow creatures.

Because of the nature of this contest, any entries selected as winners will be implemented at some point in the storyline. And of course, runner-up entries may still receive some consideration for future releases.

Visit Official Contests and place your entry in the official contest thread, and discuss your ideas in the contest discussion thread. But be warned, this contest ends in two weeks, so get those entries in!

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