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The Demon Mage -> Knights of Woof (1/11/2013 10:34:49)

To live and to serve the people...
To defend the weak...
To uphold honor...
To bring justice...
We are Knights.
The Knights of Woof.

~The Knight's Credo.

Legend tells of a curse that befell upon a group of evil knights.
This curse changed their very form, altering their heads to those of an icy beast.
All these fellow knights were told by a cold voice that they must change from their old wretched ways. Now,
these stoic warriors seek to bring order to the world and becoming
the best fighters in the land.

<<Knights of Woof>>

<<Guild members>>

Mustache Lord.
Bronze Lord.
Defensive Attacker.

Sum sum.
Epic poly.
Sleepy Fan.

=15/15= (Asana may add more spaces later.)

<<Guild rules>>
1. Do not spam in guild chat. If you do not have anything to contribute to the current conversation, please stay quiet and continue your questing.
2. Have fun. Lots and lots of fun. Gulp down gallons of 'Funny Water' (sold in local shops, get it while it's on sale!) and get your groove on!
3. The Asana rule itself: Respect and be kind to each other. Seriously. Otherwise, prepare to be nuked.
4. No botting, OR any other form of hacking. Do not even discuss about it. Do not even speak of the word.

With an exception to rule two, if these rules are broken:
-The first two times, you are given a warning. If you break them a third time, you will be kicked out of the guild.
Asana will decide if you are kicked permanently.

1. Help anyone in need if we can, as said in the code.
Status: Forever ongoing goal until the guild dies out.
2. Become one of the best PvP(1vs1) teams in Nythera and Minimal.
Status: Still working on it.

<<Guild Servers>>

~Official guild attire~ Must be worn for all PVP types, Guild meeting and special event(It's our way of promoting)
Cape and Weapon optional~

-Helm ( Frost Drake Matriarch morph) drops from Frostwyrm Rider, located in /mountfrost
-Armor ( Mage armor) can be purchased from Arcana's shop, located in /trainers

*A cheaper alternative is the Mage class for those running low on bagspace and gold*

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