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golden1231 -> =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/14/2013 18:48:43)

(*shamelessly steals again*)

Beat an incredibly hard monster? Buff your stats to an amazing height? Lose to some newb of an enemy? Or did you waste gold on a Mech you didn't even want? This is the thread to place your victories and failures, your lucky moments and your blunders. Here is where you put your in-game Accomplishments and Dis-accomplishments.

Example -

ACC: Got to Level 33!
DIS: Had 1 million credits. :[

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  • MoridinAQ -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/14/2013 23:26:17)

    Acc: Hit level 18
    Dis: <30k xp till 19 q_q

    Runic Lord -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/15/2013 16:39:07)

    ACC: Tested all of the house mechs from all 3 houses.
    DIS: Will be quitting the forums and AE games for a few weeks due to exams =(
    ACC: Its only a few weeks

    stuckinthemud5 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/15/2013 22:46:15)

    ACC: lvl 50 :D

    bugattiboy91 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/16/2013 18:37:27)

    DIS: I finally ran out of the 40K NGs I got with my Dragonguard pack I bought in October 2011.

    Thesoulweaver -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/17/2013 8:39:06)

    ACC: Got to lvl 50 in 2 days from lvl 37
    ACC: Tested all 3 elite mechs
    DIS: Am broke now

    Frost Moglin -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/17/2013 14:11:11)

    ACC: Level 42!
    ACC: Almost level 50!

    Glais -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/17/2013 19:38:50)

    ACC: Level 50
    DIS: Elite Hawk was very underwhelming.
    ACC: Not so any more, though it could use some tweaks

    MoridinAQ -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/17/2013 22:43:30)

    ACC: Hit level 19
    DIS: 36k till 20
    ACC: Just realized my Dharmahp-Battler scales to level 20 with me :p

    EDIT: ACC: Just completed the 100 floors to EbilCorp! for Westion Ch. 1.

    Glais -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/19/2013 4:04:42)

    ACC: Got my first two turn kill.
    ACC: It also EP Drained them, though as they were dead it's not like it matters.
    ACC: Decent looking build that's effective. First one I'm actually fine with leaving equipped.

    megaman3234 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/19/2013 15:01:29)

    ACC: A head of schedule!!!!! Awesome!

    golden1231 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/20/2013 14:21:27)

    ACC: Level 50! :)

    superbat67 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/20/2013 18:26:44)

    MEGACC:just got me a Gladerp Security mecha A-33, The defaults are so overpowered

    afsoc4life -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/25/2013 3:46:24)

    ACC - Just discovered after 2 years of absence that I can get Viking, Sepulchure Mecha

    Runic Lord -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/31/2013 7:10:20)

    ACC: I got very bored so I did this!!!! That was fun!

    StoonCoold -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (1/31/2013 19:34:02)

    I fought the Crane Master from Yokai when his very first attack - the one that gives a "growing DoT" - misses. The Crane Master ended up killing himself with his own growing DoT that "dealt NaN damage"

    Wraithe -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/2/2013 9:24:34)

    Accomplishments: I just reached Level 50. Finally. The "Fix The Satellite" Mission on Romero really helped. 15,000+ exp and 120,000+ credits in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. I usually got around 17,000-20,000+ exp and 125,000-130,000+ credits on average in one run.

    Edit: Seeing how some put their exp/credits, I'll put mine and that'll be it. 21,131 exp, 27,046,382 Credits, and 1,200 Nova Gems (From Ballyhoo. Haven't gotten to buy any yet but I plan on it next week).

    Silver -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/2/2013 10:01:25)

    ACC: Got my Ahead-of-schedule weapon
    DIS: I'm on the starting of the game, and don't know how to use this... It keeps saying lvl 99...

    kasama999 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/5/2013 6:05:03)

    ACC: Master DragonGuard!

    afsoc4life -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/5/2013 13:59:37)

    ACC: Completed all the relevant quests
    ACC: Still only lvl 34
    ACC: Sepulchure of Doom with Valoth's head and Zorbo is awesome!!
    DIS: What else is left. Back to my 2 yr absence from MQ!

    Gogol1996 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/14/2013 21:25:35)

    ACC: Finished Liath & Romero
    ACC: Dragonguard mech
    ACC: Finally lvl 32!!! = awesome weps like ball drop, charged battle staff, pilgrim, & dual mana piercers + derpmachine
    DIS: Gonna grow out of Dharmahp soon :(
    ACC: Beat simu-nosferatu! - with full hp
    DIS: Utterly failing against simu minion...

    superbat67 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/17/2013 20:01:58)

    ACC: lv. 45

    Hoggs Bison -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/17/2013 20:12:34)

    ACC: Happy Vietnamese New Years (or Tet!)
    DIS: Due to IRL issues, I have to lurk for a while. I'm sorry that my PvP Video is taking so long, nobody is requesting and I don't have alot of free time anymore.

    superbat67 -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/17/2013 21:10:13)

    ACC: 47

    Vagaran -> RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III (2/18/2013 13:16:08)

    ACC: Romero is finally fixed so I could complete it!
    ACC: Romero - Completed!
    ACC: Now too wait for the war to begin...

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