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Location: Morning Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> Sielu

Quests given
Betrubung Expedition

Shops owned
Sielu's DC Helms
Sielu's DC Shop
Sielu's Shop

Morning Falconreach (Book 3)
(Rare Dialogue)

Sielu: Hail stranger.

  • Talk
    Sielu: I am Metalliseos Sielu, leader, teacher, and blacksmith.

    Sielu: I have been here for some time now. Yet I have not seen you here until recently.
    Sielu: Curious one, I am a wind elf. After we were scattered by the Rooted One, many of us found new homes in Greenguard.
    Sielu: I, myself, have settled here in Falconreach. I will not hide in the swamps and forests. I do not fear The Rose.

    Sielu: Yes. For a time, I lived with a group of my people as a leader of craftsmen.
    Sielu: I chose to move here to get a wider perspective of the world. It is never too late to learn. The other wind elves will manage.
    Sielu: Their leader is strong in will and mind, but she leads them down a challenging path.

    Sielu: I will not. I may not live among them, but they are still my people. I will not betray the responsibility I have taken on by choosing to live apart.
    Sielu: You seem like a good person. But I have been wrong before. I learn from my mistakes.
    Sielu: Unless you have other questions, I have much to create. Tools of war and the finest of jewelry, all are formed by the fall of my hammer.
    • The Rose?

      Sielu: The Rose is misguided, in more ways than one.
      Sielu: Much has been done in the name of peace that is not peaceful in nature. In doing so, they build fear and anger where there was none before.
      Sielu: Their tendrils reach far beyond view, pulling in and leeching off those who would normally have no stake in the matter.
      Sielu: This leads to the unjust capture and punishment of many. And then retaliation. And so the cycle builds and continues.
      Sielu: There are those who stand idle until it is too late and the wave is upon them. They wonder what could have been done, who could be blamed.

      Sielu: Is that what it seems like? Good.
      Sielu: Occasionally, the young man, Ash, sends me an order for a large quantity of my wares. I do not question their destination.

    • Blacksmithing?
      Sielu: I would. Find me the materials that you would like me to use, and I and my hammer will perform a feat of magic and artistry.
      Sielu: Look where elementals gather for materials for the weapon you desire.
  • Quest
    Sielu: I have a mission for you, if you want it.
    Sielu: Betrubung Swamp lies southwest of here. It is a magical place, full of life... and death.
    Sielu: I have heard rumor that The Rose is starting to... to intrude. Would you be so kind as to distract them?
  • Essences?
    Sielu: The essences I use for forging come from areas of high elemental density, particularly in the Elemental Foothills.
    Sielu: If you don't wish to gather the essences, or wish for the most powerful versions I can smith, you can see what I have available in my DC Shop.
    Sielu: I do have several weapons in stock that may become available for merges in the future... if you can find the materials.

  • Merge Shop - opens Sielu's Shop.
  • DC Shop - opens Sielu's DC Shop.
  • DC Helm Shop - opens Sielu's DC Helms.

    Other information
  • Metalliseos Sielu's name translates to 'Alloy Soul' in English from Finnish, most likely referring to him being a blacksmith.
  • Sielu's dialogue was reworked on May 8th, 2020; more information can be found in the May 8th, 2020 Design Notes.

    Design Notes Image

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • DF Staff for Design Notes image.
  • Paz Vi for Design Notes image link.
  • Dratomos for other information.

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