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Location: Day Time Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> Sielu

Quests given
Betrubung Expedition

Shops owned
Sielu's DC Helms
Sielu's DC Shop
Sielu's Shop

Day Time Falconreach (Book 3)

Sielu: Hail adventurer.

  • Merge Shop - opens Sielu's Shop.
  • DC Shop - opens Sielu's DC Shop.
  • DC Helm Shop - opens Sielu's DC Helms.

  • Essences?
    Sielu: The essences will drop from the dungeons that the elementals are gathering in, particularly in the elemental foothills.
    Sielu: If you don't wish to gather the essences, or wish for the most powerful versions I can smith, you can see what I have available in my DC Shop.
    Sielu: I do have several weapons in the DC Shop that may become available for merges in the future... if you can discover the dungeons!

  • Talk
    Sielu: I am Metalliseos Sielu, leader, teacher and blacksmith.

    Sielu: What? Just because I am male, I should have some kind of masculine color? Our wings reflect our power and inclinations.
    Sielu: Gold, the refined colour of the most precious metal, fits me perfectly. It also reflects the intense fire I must work with.
    Sielu: My wings tell much about me. What does you ... physical make-up say about you?

    Sielu: Yes, leader. There are many parts to the whole, young one.
    Sielu: Just as a machine must have many pieces to work, so must every good society.
    Sielu: The Wind Elves are made up of several groups that create a strong and unified people. I lead the artisans and crafters.

    Sielu: Yes, it is my responsibility to ensure that every generation that comes of age are taught the skills of the various arts...
    Sielu: ...such as blacksmithy, metallurgy, jewelry craft and weapon design and creation.
    Sielu: Yes, these hands can craft even the finest gold and silver filigrees. Just because I wield a forge does not mean I cannot be artistic.
    • The Rose?
      Sielu: The Rose is misguided.
      Sielu: In this misguided perspective, actions have been taken that are more oppressive... painful than what magic has done in the history of this land.
      Sielu: Kara will be able to tell you more about the far reaching hand of the Rose.
      Sielu: There are... people out there, <Character>, that have been captured and punished unjustly.
      Sielu: And all of us have just stood aside and let it happen because they were not like us. But that is Kara's territory.

      Sielu: Kara is young, but she is passionate. She has been a great leader of all Wind Elves, especially in these trying times.
      Sielu: I was one of her mentors when she was a little girl, before her wings came in. She was always a bit of a spitfire though.

    • Blacksmith?
      Sielu: I can. What you want made will determine what you must find to make it successful.

    Betrubung Expedition

    Sielu: <Character>... I have a mission for you, if you want it.
    Sielu: Betrubung Swamp lies southwest of here. It is a magical place, full of life... and death.
    Sielu: I have friends there... but now the Rose is starting to... to intrude. Would you be so kind as to distract them?

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