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Voodoo Master -> Ironmog (1/20/2013 11:34:49)



Location: Elemental Foothills -> Right -> 2 Up -> Ironmog

Quests given
Tesla's Peak

Shops owned

Elemental Foothills

Ironmog: Hey you, I need some help!

  • Who are you?
    Ironmog: Name's Ironmog! I work for M.S.M.S., the Moglin Society of MagiScience! Right now, it's just me and Lime... but I'm sure more will join up!

  • Nice Hat!
    Ironmog: Thanks! It's a new prototype from my friend, Lime. It's powered by SCIENCE (and lightning)!

    Tesla's Peak

    Ironmog: I need some lightning to help power my hat! Can you head up to the Peaks and harvest some for me?

    Animated image from Design Notes

    Thanks to
    -- Paz Vi for Design Notes image link.
    -- Frostburn for typo correction.

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