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Shadowfire147 -> The Rebels of Chaos (1/24/2013 0:48:26)

The Rebels of Chaos


Focus: The Rebels of Chaos are a group for random people who just want to have fun and get help if/when they need it.

Character Page
Leader of The Rebels of Chaos: Dezerah
Self described as the true Master of Chaos. Upset that her Champion, Drakath, has taken the glory for himself,
She is constantly adding to a group of powerful warriors to teach the young upstart a lesson.

Character Page
Officer and Enforcer: Vlad My Impaler
Self described Champion of Neutrality. What does that even mean?!? I mean come on really!!
I think its an excuse not to choose to do anything, personally! Whatever... He does seem seriously dedicated, and as soon
as I figure out what he is dedicated to, I will use him to my advantage! Hahahaha (whoops, sorry!)

Character Page
Officer and Master of Madness and Mayhem: Bookwyvern
Randomness at its finest! The future Champion of Chaos is well prepared. More of a force of nature to be directed by his queen,
he will surely never turn from the battle or from chaos!

Chaos Lords (Other Officers)
Bunny Hunter
Hiane Rodriguez

Rebel Warriors:
Great Angle
Mystic Noodle
Shadow Walker 2016
L3git L3gend
Hawk eye 01
Ritous Lord

Recruitment: Active

Requirements to Join:
To join you must be level 35+, have the chaotic shadows armor (we can help), and... have a good sense of humor (yes, we require it! XD)

To join: PM the leader or one of the officers, reply to this thread, or contact us on our Website.

Main Server: Yorumi (We play on other servers also)

Guild story:
Drakath has taken over the chaotic armada and forgotten about us, so it's time to give him a little reminder...
Chaos style! *taps a rubber weasel against her palm*
We are going to take the chaotic realm back and show him who's really in charge!!!
We are The Rebels of Chaos and we WILL teach Drakath a thing or two about real madness!

Guild Rules and Restrictions:
No trolling/harassing (includes begging for account info), spamming, hacking, or botting allowed,
it will NOT be tolerated and will lead to being kicked out!
Only the leader is allowed to change the MOTD
No trash talking or noob calling
Help each other if you can, we are all friends here

Current Mission:
Our Current Mission, should you chose not to follow Vlad and accept it (lol),
is to take out Drakath and his chaos lords and have fun along the way.

Allies / Enemies:
Freelancer Overdragons

Guild Motto: Have fun, play hard, and stay away from banana dragons! O.O

Vlad My Impaler -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (2/10/2013 15:55:20)

We are willing to teach! Also there will be an upcoming Chaotic Shadows Armor hunt coming soon. Contact on the website ( ) for details!

UnderSoul -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (2/10/2013 16:57:33)

I like this guild, but I'm a level too low and already have a planned meeting with another guild. I'll tell you what, if Legion of Truth is not as hoped you will be my next choice.

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (2/13/2013 23:02:55)

Thank you! Really the level is flexible as it is more about activity and personality to tell the truth. We want people who are going to enjoy themselves and are fun to be around. Let us know one way or the other and just have fun!

Vlad My Impaler -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (2/22/2013 11:46:42)

Hey party at Vlad's house coming soon!!

Chamry -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (2/25/2013 19:11:05)

I like that you have to have a good sense of humor to join this guild xD All the other ones require being well you know very serious and everyone knows that's not enjoyable ._. I'm level 33 currently (a bit away from 34) so I'll most likely join this guild :D But first I have to get the chaotic shadows armour, I probably have to catch up on the blood tusk story though.

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (2/26/2013 13:36:18)

Glad you like us! The armor is not a problem because we can help you farm it. I'll PM you so we can set up a time to meet in-game.

OmilliYo -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (3/10/2013 23:48:32)

Nice format on your guild page, looks really neat :3

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (3/12/2013 2:10:17)

Thanks! It took a bit of effort to get things the way I wanted them, on both the guild page and site.

gunkx -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (3/29/2013 0:33:28)

where is Headquarters? Yulgar-???? server ???

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (3/29/2013 18:24:51)

Our headquarters is at my House (/house shadowfire147) on Yorumi Server.

Vlad My Impaler -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (6/6/2013 0:43:04)

When someone messages us wishing to join please include a time to meet in your message. Thanx!

sgtdykstra66 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (6/15/2013 11:42:15)

Hi im currently level 20 and currently logged on in Yorumi my name is sgtdykstra66
i am very active i would love to join the guild but my level is a little low is it possible for me to join

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (6/15/2013 14:53:01)

Sure thing, we are looking for good/fun personalities more than level.

Ominous75 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (6/19/2013 20:22:59)

LOL. Loving this guild 2 hours in

salene -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (7/4/2013 14:28:14)

ok, i really want to join this guild! unfortunatley im only level 25, although i have solo'd every chaos lord/beast in game using my rank 10 alpha omega! my character name is Taff De chocolate and i just wanna play hard and have fun!

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (7/4/2013 22:41:33)

Don't worry about level, we would be happy to let you in! We just need to set up a time to meet.

salene -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (7/5/2013 0:44:18)

ok how about 2:30 est time on yorumi? also what is the name i should be looking for?

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (7/6/2013 14:29:31)

Shadowfire147 or Vlad my Impaler, Vlad and I should both be on at that time.

kaerf -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (9/17/2013 16:12:04)

not sure if any of my stuff when't through on the web site but i would love 2 join im lvl 37 now ing is kaerf669. if you wanted 2 see it.

Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (9/17/2013 18:25:32)

We would love to have you join. You didn't get a message back though? I asked Vlad to take care of the site applications. Hmm... Oh well. We need to set up a meeting time in-game to add you.
Is 11:30AM Server Time, Thursday, on Yorumi, alright? Vlad My Impaler should be on at that time.

kaerf -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (9/18/2013 11:33:06)


ya and im on now and should be on for awhile.


im on now and i should be on till about 4pm server time today.

hey everyone someone got my pw 2 my acc i am trying 2 get it back but it my take up to 2- 3 days.

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i got my acc back but i have nothing on it so imma have 2 re build back up my acc. sorry guys so now im like a new player.

Dragongod815 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (9/21/2013 19:47:01)


Hi, My name is dragongod815 and im a veteran aqworlds player. I have necro, evolved shaman, and darkblood stormking. I would like to join because it seems like a nice guild to join, i hope you can accept me. Thanks, Oh and here's my character page :

and maybe if i get accepted, i can do 18:00 EST time on Yorumi

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theosenia -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (9/22/2013 13:54:31)

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Shadowfire147 -> RE: The Rebels of Chaos (9/24/2013 17:19:30)

@Kaerf, It's alright, let us know if we can help you get anything.

@dragongod815, We'd love to have you. I'll try to meet you on.

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