Mysterious Enemy Part 1: Talk to the Hands (Full Version)

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Suikoman444 -> Mysterious Enemy Part 1: Talk to the Hands (1/28/2013 16:05:09)

Talk to the Hands!
Mysterious Enemy Part 1!

Warlic: I have sensed a strange and dangerous presence nearby here. The innocent people of the town of Lorendale may be in jeopardy! See how long you can hold off this powerful force while I continue to research its' origins!

No problem, Wizard!

Right Hand
Left Hand

  • If you die:
    Warlic: It appears you may not yet be up to this challenge. Be sure to train further before you return here!

    Alright, I will.

  • If you survive:
    <<Battle counter increases by one>>
    Warlic: Excellent fighting! I will continue trying to find out what is behind this, but you must continue to keep these things busy! Good Luck!

    Bring it on!
    <<Puts you into another battle>>

    Nay, I am done.
    <<Returns you to Battleon>>

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