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Suikoman444 -> First Walk Around Quest (1/28/2013 17:06:37)

First Walk Around Quest!

1- 2- 3- 4- 5

<<You start at 1.>>

  • At screen #1:
    Welcome to the First Walk Around Quest!
    <<Sign>>: Beware! There are lots of monsters in these woods!

    Random Encounters:
    Look out!
    1 BATTLE
    Deathwood (5)
    We tried to warn you...

    Yikes! A zard found you!
    1 BATTLE
    Frogzard (1)
    DarkZard (1)
    FireZard (1)

  • At screen #2
    This is a teleporter. Walk onto it, and you never know where you'll end up! Some teleporters can only be used a few times.

    <<Teleports you to screen 3 or 4>>

    Random Encounters:
    1 BATTLE
    Drakel Warrior (4)

    1 BATTLE
    Deathwood (5)
    The trees just won't leaf you alone...

    Little Miss Muffett was right!
    1 BATTLE
    Giant Spider (5)

  • At Screen #3
    Random Encounters:
    1 BATTLE
    Undead Knight (1)

    1 BATTLE
    Potion Treasure Chest
    Let's look behind this tree...

  • At Screen #4
    Dare to cross the bridge?

    Random Encounters:
    1 BATTLE
    Troll (30)
    Where are the billy goats when you need them?

  • At Screen #5
    Random Encounters:
    You just about tripped over this...?
    1 BATTLE
    Big Treasure Chest (45)

    Congratulations! You have finished the quest! Do you want to keep exploring?
    <<Keep Exploring>>

    <<Return to Battleon>>

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