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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= Edge of Extinction! (1/29/2013 0:48:16)

No rivalry in the game is bigger than the war between paladins and necromancers.

Both sides, with a few exceptions, stand on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Paladin Order stands for the Light, and for Good, seeking to cleanse the world of the undead. The Necromancers, the carriers of Darkness and Evil, wish to cover the land in a blight of endless undead. Two groups that could not possibly be more opposed, forming the most significant rivalry in Lore. And they have fought many, many times over the centuries. In fact, both sides have fought it out for so long that many have given up any hope of the war ever ending....until now.

With all that has occurred over the years, Artix has decided that the paladins can no longer sit by and watch as the undead population steadily rises. They cannot allow this evil to continue to grow stronger, hidden away in the shadows under the leadership of the Mysterious Necromancers. And the wearers of the Mantle are more than happy to oblige Artix in his wish for a final climatic battle, confident that their side will emerge victorious! And so both sides gather as many of their ranks as possible, hoping to end the conflict here once and for all. They know that at the battle's end, there will be only one side left standing....and the other side will be wiped from the face of Lore itself.

Which side will survive? That remains entirely up to you, our players. Do not miss this week's war, for it is the beginning of a storyline that will radically alter the course of Lore's future. As the Chosen, you are the one who will dictate which side emerges victorious....and which side faces extinction.

Choose wisely.

Lord Barrius -> RE: =Dev, Story= Edge of Extinction! (2/16/2013 19:35:41)

Be warned, this post contains spoilers relating to the war’s ending. If you haven’t played it yet, play the ending first!

The paladins have won the battle, but it seems neither side has won the war. The ley lines utilized by the paladins and necromancers have been overloaded by their war, which has damaged them significantly, possibly to the point where they cannot be repaired. In time, their powers will fade out and die entirely!

What you’ve just experienced is not the end, but rather the beginning of a brand new storyline that will lead into the revamp of both the Paladin and Necromancer classes (yes, they’ll both be revamped). With both orders decimated and on the edge of extinction, they will need to rebuild and find alternative ways of using their magic. As such, these two related storylines will focus on the main cast of the Paladin and Necromancers orders as they journey across Lore, seeking to regain what they have lost.

The Paladin storyline will focus on Artix’s personal struggles with the consequences of the war, the loss of his companions, and how he will rebuild the Paladin Order. He bears the responsibility of the order’s destruction very heavily on his shoulders....how will he cope? Expect to see more about Coeuraservi’s “condition” as well, and the fallout from that event! How will this shake things up in Darkovia? And you’ll meet some other important figures as well....but more on them later!

On the flipside, the Necromancer storyline will focus on Kaley going into hiding to rebuild the Necromancer Order. What exactly are her plans for the Mantle? You can also expect to hear about the struggles of Zorbak and his brother Kabroz. Remember, Kabroz’s magical talent in necromancy was learned, whereas his brother was always a natural. How will Kabroz deal with all of his hard work being rendered useless? And you can expect to see some developments in the Brilhado race as well, as they struggle with the loss of their necromancy. And what will happen to all of these suddenly unbound undead? So many questions, not enough answers!

But enough teasing about that, let’s talk rewards.

As a reward to the paladins for completing the war first, you will receive the following:
1) You get your reward first: An ancient paladin tome, full of ancient paladin spellcraft! These tomes contain 3 different spells that each have their own functionality, increase the power of Light spells, and deal even more damage if you’re a Paladin! Necromancers will get their tome later on, as a consequence for losing.
2) Your storyline (and thus, your class) will be released first! The Necromancer storyline will be released sometime after the Paladin storyline has started, and your class sometime after the Paladin class has come out.

I’m so excited for the future of this storyline, and this game as a whole. Remember, as the Chosen of Lore, your decisions will make a huge impact on the way the game world is shaped, and how it develops. As such, you must be prepared for the consequences of your actions and think wisely about how things may change as a result of what you do.

Choose wisely, Chosen.

And now, a handful of choice little teasers about the future of Paladins and their order, as a bonus reward to the paladins for their hard work in a tough-fought come-from-behind victory! See you again soon!


Halenro is dead, and Coeuraservi has disappeared. Even worse, the actions of the Paladin Order have convinced the Lady of Light to excommunicate the Paladin Order from the church. The order has been broken, with some paladins abandoning the order to beg forgiveness from the Lady, and others wandering off, their powers lost to them.

Artix, distraught by the news, takes a leave of absence from the order and leaves, going out on a journey to find himself. In the process, this seemingly aimless journey will test the foundations of his beliefs, and will end in a way that even he could never have foreseen.

As for the Paladin class itself, it will be changing its focus. Though it remains a powerful hybrid of melee and magic, it will not merely focus on being a fanatic against the undead, but rather becoming a powerful servant of Light. Expect to see abilities that will increase you and your allies’ strength and reinforce you in times of great need, as well as new methods of facing off against the evils that threaten Lore. With all the changes they’ll be seeing, it’s possible that paladins may well become the warriors of good and virtue that they have always sought to be!

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