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Suikoman444 -> Twilly vs. Zorbak: Part 2 (1/29/2013 12:49:44)


Twilly: I KNEW I'd find you here........... hiding out near your old home village........... which is now abandoned because you and your brother turned everyone into zombies!
Zorbak: Mehehehe..... You are smarter than I thought, though still as dimwitted as can be! You have just walked into another one of my EBIL traps, foolish little Moglin!
Zorbak: Let's see if you managed to learn anything yet from all your past defeats at my hands! Mehehehe!!
Twilly: What?? Do you think I actually didn't realize I was walking into a trap, and came here unprepared?!!

Twilly has always been a very innocent Moglin, but he has been learning a lot about the way bad guys like Zorbak work from you lately! See how your knowledge helps Twilly.
Difficulty: 10
Stat Used: Intelligence

After winning:
Even though you won the INT roll, you can now choose to PRETEND like you didn't!

If you choose: Yes I did win!! after winning the stat roll.

Zorbak: NOO!! That can't be!
Twilly: Haha! I did it! I guess I have been learning a lot! Now, Zorbak you'll see just how prepared I was!!
Zorbak: Grrrrr...

Twilly comes back in a Drakel Power Armor

Twilly: Well now! Who is the Moglin in the Drakel power armor, Zorbak?? Hmm? I am going to dish out some coporeal punishment, the kind your parents should have given to you!
Zorbak: No one upstages the great and powerful Zorbak! NO ONE!!!

Zorbak shoots dark energy at Twilly, who blocks it and counters with an energy ball of his own.

Zorbak: Ow. You may have gotten the better of me today, Twilly, but I will run away and live to fight another day!!
Twilly: What is it you told me before? "Ebil will always win because good is dumb"? You better run now before this cannon recharges!!

Zorbak flees.

Twilly: Twilly OWNZORS!!

If you choose: I didn't Win, or lose the stat roll.

Zorbak: MEHEHEHE!!! You are still the same Twilly I remember! Now I will destroy you and that silly football-shaped head of yours once and for all!
Twilly: Oh yeah?? Well I brought help!!
You: Okay, Zorbak, now it's time to answer to all the crimes you have comitted!
Zorbak: I don't think so, Adventurer! I brought help TOO!!

Level 25 and Below
Drakath the Undead Dragon (30)

Level 26-49
Drakath the Undead Dragon (65)

Level 50+
Drakath the Undead Dragon (100)

You: Twilly is going to owe me for this one...

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