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Suikoman444 -> Zorbak's Trickery (1/29/2013 12:52:25)

Zorbak's Trickery!

Zorbak: Ahh, how nice to see two such esteemed warriors of Lore! Galanoth the Dragonslayer and Zhilo the Axe Master!
Galanoth: Zhilo! Zorbak has told me what you've done.
Zhilo: Oh yes? And what might that be??
Galanoth: You are guilty of charging the Order of Dragonslayers with secretly worshipping Akriloth!
Zhilo: That's funny. I never said that, but I've heard that you have publically stated that my family trades with the Drakel!!
Zorbak: Now now, gentlemen, try not to let your anger get the better of you! Even if these allegations are all true, why should they ruin your friendship?
Zhilo: Friendship??! HA! We were never friends!
Galanoth: In that case, Zhilo, this should hurt YOU more than it hurts ME!
Galanoth: Prepare to be torn asunder by my dragonblade, TRAITOR!
Zhilo: Not going to happen, DRAGON WORSHIPPER!

2 Hours Later

Galanoth: Had enough, or do you still need to taste more sharp-edged dragonbane??
Zhilo: Haha! The dragonbane ore in your blade is no match for the tornadium in my axe!!

2 More Hours Later

Galanoth: *huff huff* I can... see in your eyes... how tired you are! You are going to fall to your knees any moment now, *gasp*!
Zhilo: *pant* Ha *gasp* ha! Dragonslayer! They should call you.... *pant* DRAGON-LOVER!
Zorbak: Stop this insanity!! It hurts me so much to see two of Lore's greatest heroes battling to the death! Anyway, there's a friend of mine I'd like you both to meet...
Zorbak: CALLADUS!!! I brought you that little “snack” you asked for! Mehehehehe....
Calladus: I am Calladus, Dragon Master. Once a Seeker, I only battled Guardians. Now I have gained even greater power through dark magic, and seek to destroy all of Lore's great heroes!
Zhilo: Galanoth, maybe we should just put aside our differences and defeat this new enemy together!!
Galanoth: Sounds good to me, Zhilo! Let's take this guy--

Calladus blasts Galanoth and Zhilo away

Zorbak: Hmmm... your dragon blasted them over that hill. I guess we'll have to find them again later so you can finish your job. Good hunting, Calladus! Mehehehe...
You: Hold there, villains! I was first drawn here to see Galanoth and Zhilo's duel, but I could not stand back any longer once you trapped them.
You: I challenge Calladus myself, to avenge Galanoth and Zhilo's treacherous defeat!
Zorbak: Uhh...hehehehe. Be my guest! It's your hide, anyway! Good luck, Calladus!

Battle Calladus, Dragon Master (100)

Galanoth: Thank you, brave adventurer! You have proven yourself today. I could see you as one of our top Dragonslayers...
Zhilo: I don't know... I think this one might make a better axe master than a dragonslayer...
Galanoth: Are you trying to say something about my dragonslayers--??
You: Uh-oh... here we go again!

Location from Cyth.

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