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Suikoman444 -> Battleon is Under Attack! (2/3/2013 23:26:40)


Battleon is Under Attack!

<Missing War Scroll text>

Twilly: We're being attacked! This is horrible! What can we do?? Please, PLEASE fight off these ugly nasties! I will heal you if you need it!
  • Heal me!
  • Back to Town

    "The Guardian Tower has been bombarded by Fire Golems and Magmen."
    "Between a rock and a (you finish this sentence)..."
    "Aria sent many of her pets here for safety. Hmm, it seems a strange wild furry pet has joined them."
    "Nearly half of town is burning! But don't let your anger cloud your judgment in combat.... "
    "The grass is singed... some of the fire army must have hidden here awaiting their orders."

  • Battle the army!

    Level 19 and Below
    FireZard (1)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (4)
    Fire Drakel Wizard (10)
    Fire Fiend (10)
    Fire Knight (11)
    Fire Mantik (6)
    Fire Seed Spitter (6)
    Hellhound (15)
    InfernoZard (11)
    Torch Foot (2)
    Young Fire Dragon (20)
    Young Phoenix (11)

    Level 20-44
    Demon Steed
    Draegan Avenger (32)
    Djinni (45)
    Fire Cobra (35)
    Fire Golem (25)
    Red Dragon (35)
    Searlok (41)
    Young Salamander (33)

    Level 45 and Above
    Big Salamander (75)
    Fire Demon (50)
    Fire Eater (47)
    Fire Gloop (51)
    Fire Knight (45)
    Fire Orbs (71)
    Forgah (39)
    Huge Salamander (105)
    Magman Superior (78)
    War Dragon (70)

    After 300,000 enemies were defeated

    1 BATTLE
    Level 19 and Below
    Warlord Varax (80)

    Level 20-44
    Warlord Varax (80)

    Level 45 and Above
    Warlord Varax (80)

    <Missing End Scroll text>

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