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Suikoman444 -> Undead Invasion (Full Attack) (2/4/2013 13:06:29)



War Camp Image

An undead army of skeletal fiends are attacking the town. From the North Slope Cemetary to the Inn to Yugar's Armory to Aria's Apothecary and the town border. Your fellow Adventurers have rallied to the cause of defending their adoptive home. The horde seems unstoppable, but there is still hope...

  • Battle the undead!

    1 BATTLE
    DarkZard (1)
    Kresh (25)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Commander (31)
    Undead Giant (35)
    Undead Knight (1)
    Undead Mage (15)
    Undead Soldier (15)
    Undead SpellSword (15)
    Undead Troll (5)
    Undead Wounded (13)
    Vampire Bat (10)
    Wun-Dead (15)

    After 50,000 undead were defeated:
    1 BATTLE
    Mysterious Necromancer (50)

    Congratulations! Having turned the cloaked master of the undead away, it is time to enjoy a bittersweet victory. Althought the dark enemies are gone for now, whatever drew them here, whatever they were seeking is still here. And what such evil forces desire may be more dangerous that they. Perhaps the town's secret is known by someone. Hopefully they reveal what they know...

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