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Table of Content

  • The Long Prologue
    1. The Hunters
  • Necromancers vs Paladins War Story

  • The Two Additions

  • The Truphma Camps

  • Absol-ution Finale

    Let's begin with a small introduction before getting to the story shall we?

    In Lore, there is a unique individual. Why? Because said individual is Battleon's first and only cheerleader, that's why. His name is Tep Itaki.

    He is the eccentric white eyed(with grayish blue hue), wide eyes fellow; Highly curious, clumsy, "scientist" and the only person in all of Lore to wield the mighty "PomPom Grenades". He stands at 5'9"(or around 1.75 meters) tall, though he has a skinny frame due to being born with a frail body. Thanks to the waters of immortality and the cruel training by Artimix, he gained enough strength and endurance to stand on his own.

    He constantly wears his baby blue lab coat with pink embroidery(even the folded down collar and white buttons were victims of the pink infection) everywhere he goes. This coat does it all: it holds his research journal and pen with the pockets inside the coat itself, hides his chest armor, keeping him in a constant temperature and even provide cover for his long purple braids(its length reaching his knee).

    The bangs of his purple hair on his head seems to have been blown by a gust of wind that came from his right side. Around his waist is a white belt that secures his lab coat close. The belt holds seven items to his hips: three brown magical leather pouches(the right, consumable items; the left, material items and equipment; the back, within was a small world to keep his varying sized companions close to him as he travels outside his home) and four pom-poms(from right to left: purple, red, pink and blue) which covers the back pouch.

    His white pants tucks itself neatly into his silver armor boots, which shines with polished beauty. On his left hand, a dark blueish purple gauntlet that acts as a shield from anything imaginable. His right, fits a black glove with finger holes in them to allow precise movements. To top it all off, Tep has a purple scarf around his neck that he would often wear, regardless of the weather.

    Next is the white eyed(with purple hue), always half-asleep, older twin brother(by a minute and twenty-third), Artimix; half werewolf(granted to him by Constantin, half because of personal reasons), dutiful, playful and a berserker in his own rights. His height is the same as Tep's though he is more built from being born with a strong body(Tep still joking that Artimix took away his strength by being born first).

    He wears blood red clothing, as dark blue armor with mahogany trim lightly covers it: torso, shoulders, forearms, hands, waist, and shins. All the pieces of his armor are embedded with a golden orb. His reason for having light armor is because though armor should protect, it should never hamper a fighter's movement. Also, it was fashionable as well. On his back, is a large purple cape draping down towards the ground, its length reaching only his ankles. His black boots is armored in the same color scheme as his armor, only without the golden orbs. A swift and fashionable knight without a helmet.

    His weapons of choice is the beautiful katana, the "Dainashini". So sharp was she that any unfortunate enemy that is to cross her blade will suffer a terrible cut, from which they will bleed out. There is also a personal weapon he sealed away long ago until he is force to rely on its powers.

    The last of the siblings, the only one who inherited their parents' brown eyes, the twins' youngest and only sister, Rixi; half vampire, constantly sleeping, the most stubborn one and a high-maintenance girl. She was born with her parents' brown locks but later dyed them blue and her bangs red. Her small stature of 5'3"(around 1.6 meters) and her pale skin(thanks to the vampire blood coursing through her veins, a gift granted from Safiria with the same reasoning as Artmix's to remain half), reveals her to be a cute young girl. Though her skin is pale white, it glimmers in any light as to reveal her youthful skin.

    She wears black mage robes with purple edgings as she has a blue and red cloth wrap around her waist, for fashion and to keep the robes closed. She wears no gloves but rather a ring on her annular finger. The ring's name is "Ring of the Sun", an item created by her brother, Tep, so she could walk and play under the sun without being scorched by its rays. Taking advantage of the ring, she now lives with the twins in Deren and has been a constant thorn at their side ever since.

    She wears sandals on her feet, similar to the knee high roman sandals(as she loves the feel and freedom of the winds between her toes). A sleek and charming normal looking girl, although high-maintenance and a magnet for troubl- *is hit by Rixi's flying sandals*

    Next we have the two new faces and inhabitants of the Itaki Mansion in Deren; the gecko knight, Caether Stract, and the bandit mage, Tetra Crasher TC.

    Caether, the gecko knight, is a shadow being who won over control of his host's body. This is apparent as his entire body is covered in shadows(complete with shadowy mists coming out of his body) and his glowing red eyes, barely hidden by his gecko helm. His green hair is the cause of his partner's meddling to make him different from other shadows.

    His round greenish armor is centered around his gecko helm as it sports a gecko motif. The torso having the head of a gecko facing towards the ground, though it does not stop the eyes from staring straight into any unfortunate victims. He is lightly armored, just like Artimix, and combine with his shadowy body, it makes him out to be a deadly warrior. His deep voice does not help make his dark air lighter either.

    His favorite weapons to use are cutlasses. Their light and curving nature makes it so they are easy to handle as well as use. He always carries a decorated bronze hilt and cross-guard behind his back, however, the blade itself uses the winds and air to strike unsuspecting foes. A sort of slow "person" that's all about fighting. He is as socially awkward as he is adapt in fighting.

    Tetra Crasher TC(TC standing for "The Cutie" as she states), the bandit mage, is a flirtatious and dangerous girl. She is gifted with a pretty face with the charms and brains to make any man distracted enough to walk into a hole, building, pond or Akriloth's open mouth(it doesn't help when her voice is like an angel's). Her red hair is tied up into a ponytail as gold and red ornaments decorates both sides of her head, above her ears. Her irises are bright red like glittering rubies, as if she could look into the souls of whomever's eyes she locks onto. This is greatly accented with her slightly tanned skin(which glows extravagantly under sunlight, serving to enhance her beauty).

    She wears a black shirt and pants along with a detailed brown coat. Her coat does not even reach past her ribs, though the coat's skinny sleeves is able to cover her entire arms. She wears a brown belt with golden buckle(which hold her knives, daggers, bombs and a leather pouch) around her waist. Her pants are tied with strings so they would hug close to her figure as they tuck into her brown boots, which are also tied with strings.

    On her hands are long black gloves, suiting a somebody like her.

    Her companion is a shadow-like being that lives in her shadows and listens only to her commands.

    She is the clear leader, and brains, between her and Caether's partnership. Wily, cunning and gifted with looks and talent, this girl is truly somebody to keep your guard up against at all times. Although, she seemingly has taken a shine to Tep as he is the only one she teases, tortures and refers to as "Poms".

    This story is about the life with the Itakis, their past and their present living conditions with the two new additions. A chronicles, per say, of mischief, failed results(be it teleportation, experiments gone wrong or cooking), pranks, drama and their interactions with each other.

    Read about their misadventures as these five wreak havoc throughout Lore, causing grief and fear to the innocent bystanders that gets sucked into their vortex of chaos, lucky if they managed to escape with their sanity. To the readers as well, may you escape with your sanity once this is over with.

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    The Long Prologue

    1. The Hunters

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