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Eukara Vox -> =Dev, Story= Truphma Camps (2/20/2013 14:42:00)

Dearest Chosen,

I am so sorry. Due to my injuries when Xov made herself known, I have been imprisoned in my library to recover. No, that is harsh to say, as my assistants are only doing what they think is best for me. It felt like prison, being the kind of person I am. I was allowed to teach, as I would have been sorely distressed without seeing my beloved students. But, my assistants kept close watch over my correspondences and my observations.

Xov Arakue... has taken advantage of my injuries. Because I have not been able to watch her as closely as I can through my power, she... she has sent her people all over Lore in an attempt to spread her despondent nightmare of a philosophy in life. Camps have been established, populated by those loyal to her and the creatures who has succumbed to her madness. And, it pains me to say, but each camp now has at least one dragon who has fallen to her disease.

I don't know how long these camps will survive, or how long she means to leave them active. But, if she has many camps now, she must plan on making more later as they get stronger. If she expands those camps, infiltrating more places, who is next on her list?

Please, be careful and approach with intelligence. We must protect Lore. You, Chosen, are all we have. Without you, our strength is diminished. Maybe, as you attack and try to beat them back, we will learn more about them and how to defeat Xov.

With much affection,

Eukara Vox

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