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Suikoman444 -> Truphma Camps (2/20/2013 15:15:26)

Truphma Camps!

Truphma Buster

Location: Several spots on the Travel Map (Circled yellow)

«On 20 February 2013, several new spots appeared around the Travel Map... Truphma have begun to spread their influence across Lore by setting up camps everywhere!»

Thanks to Eukara Vox, you have located one of the remaining Truphma encampments! Now's time to do all you can to disrupt them!

«You»: Another one of these camps! They seem to be popping up faster than I can take them down. Let's do some exterminating!Outpost Master: This is as far as you are getting traveler! I can't let you stop our plans!
«You»: You will be defeated like the rest of your Truphma buddies!«You»: Great! Now that they're taken care of, it looks like they had a large war chest. I don't think anyone will object to me helping myself. And then I can find more of their camps.
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