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nitesh -> rise of uchiha clan (2/27/2013 17:34:15)



I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you

About guild

This guild is all focus on helping guild members to be better and stronger so other guild members will be inspired from ours

clan members 39/50

guild leader:


guild officers


magelord snow






Must be active

Must be level 40 or above

Must have good items

Guild rules

Must respect other

Never use in interoperate language

How can you join?

you can leave a message below

you can find me in game or message any of the guild officers

We are uchihas and we can be better and stronger everyday!!!

Ram11 -> RE: rise of uchiha clan (7/30/2013 17:05:10)

I would like to join
Username: ramesh11
Lvl 50
Got some cool items
And I am on daily

leshane uchiha -> RE: rise of uchiha clan (6/26/2014 17:53:02)

I wan't to join
name Leshane Uchiha im lvl 44 I have a few rares like platinum naval, I have some jugg of nulgath items and stuff....did I mention im an uchiha? I Play on artix and zhoom mostly during night between 8:00-12:30

BrUdDyY27 -> RE: rise of uchiha clan (2/24/2018 12:56:48)



Yo wassup I want to join your clan, so here are my account details:
Name: BrUdDyY27
LvL 68
I login daily and i am very open to chat.
Some classes: Dragon Shinobi, Eternal inventionist, and 80 shurpu blaze tokens XD
Got some cool items like ungodly reavers of nulgath, enchanted eternal painsaws, undead assasin swords, akrilon pet....many more.
I also love Naruto and especially Uchiha Clan so i really want to join your clan XD

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