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xX King Cobra Xx -> leaderboard (3/30/2013 15:26:21)

i think they should add on the leaderboard how many wins u have to check how much u u have done

Frost the Phoenix -> RE: leaderboard (3/30/2013 20:36:33)

I agree along with your position in the ranks but only show the top ten like this

1st: playerx----1000
2nd: playert----900
3rd: players----890
4th: platera-----889
5th: playery----850
6th: player-----840
7th: playerg----839
8th: playerl-----830
9th: player4----820

100th player8--780

That would tell you exactly how many people are above you too.

Droidzx3 -> RE: leaderboard (3/30/2013 21:37:52)


Sesura -> RE: leaderboard (3/30/2013 22:22:20)

Nice idea you have there. This can make players be more persuaded to do more battles for the rank they want to achieve. Checking your win quantity urges you to do more and make more out of it. I myself would love for this idea to be implemented, that's why I supported this :p

Rayman -> RE: leaderboard (3/30/2013 22:31:30)

Supported for the 55th time again.

Frost the Phoenix -> RE: leaderboard (3/31/2013 14:54:30)

@Sesura yea that why i don't really try to get on the leaderboard as you don't know your own points or rank unless you are in the top 15.
Just seeing you points and not your rank would be a good thing.

Samurai_ED -> RE: leaderboard (3/31/2013 15:30:36)


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