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Family, Friends, Pets:
Favorite Colors:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Animals:
Name: Derek Nightingale
Appearance: Semi-long brown hair with short bangs. Has blue eyes. Moderately athletic. Pale skinned. Fairly handsome face. Fairly tall but not among the tallest in the his class. Usually wears outside a dark red coat with a long sleeve black shirt underneath,dark black pants,black boots, dark gloves and a red scarf. When inside his home, he wears everything he wears outside except for his coat, gloves, boots, and scarf. His boots are replaced with sneakers.

Personality: Quiet, calm, protective, caring, short tempered, introverted, violent(when angry), intelligent

Hobbies: Listening to music with his headphones, gaming, reading novels, playing his electric guitar, soccer(former sport), snowboarding(current sport)

Family, Friends, Pets:
Diana Nightingale, Sister: Derek's younger sister. Quite popular in her school and would sometimes collaborate with her brother in shows in their old town as the singer. Diana experiences the same kind of dreams as Derek. The next day after they finally met each other in a dream and remembered what happened, they decided to not tell anyone else about their ability. Diana, in her dreams, wields a bow and arrow and her element is wind.

Eric Nightingale, Father: An adult version of Derek. He is quite the drinker and yet, for some unknown reason, still does well in his job as an accountant in order to support the family. He used to play the electric guitar. He also taught Derek how to use it. Eric was once part of a famous band, but now he's retired.

Lisa Nightingale, Mother: An adult version of Diana. She met Eric, her husband, when Eric was looking for a singer in his band. When Lisa was accepted, they jammed all across the country until they became famous. They retired and Eric and Lisa decided to get married. Lisa is now a doctor.

Joan Hawke, Best Friend and Crush: Derek's first friend when he and his family moved. They have recently become very close to the point when just the 2 of them would go to the ice skating rink together. Joan is the idol of her year level. She has good looks, good grades, performed in figure skating competitions, great personality, etc. Joan introduced Derek to 2 other people that she actually considers her best friends.

Philip Hunter, Friend: Joan introduced Derek to Philip during Derek's first day in the school. They got along quite well with them having the same interests. Philip has a girlfriend who is also one of the people Derek was introduced to.

Fiona Flowers, Friend: The other person Derek was introduced to by Joan. Derek and Fiona got along quite well. Fiona is also Philip's girlfriend.

House: A bungalow on the edge of town with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, a living room with 2 couches, a TV, a game console, and a computer, and a basement where the heater is.
Room: Derek's room is pretty plain with just a bed, a closet, a drawer, 2 windows, a small bookshelf containing his favorite books, and a guitar stand holding his red electric guitar.

Favorite Colors: Red and black
Favorite Foods: Crepes, ice cream, cake, pizza, burgers
Favorite Drinks: Milkshake, soft drinks, water
Favorite Songs: Classical and Heavy Metal
Favorite Animals: Eagle

Derek was a born in a town further south from where he is now. While he was in his old home, Derek was an introvert but he did have friends from pretty much every social class thanks to what he did. Derek was part of his school's soccer varsity team as its right defender. He was also part of a rock band, performing in bars, theaters, and contests. All this gave him quite a reputation in the local community. This made him very popular but he was still an introvert since he usually wanted to be alone in peace. He was also incredibly violent whenever someone would make him angry so he was given several warnings by the police. This information was kept private to everyone who didn't witness the events. They moved to the mountain town where he is right now when he was 15. While his parents were unpacking and he was listening to his music, he met a girl named Joan. They became friends. When Derek went to school the following day, he found out that Joan was in the same class as him. Joan then introduced Derek to her other friends, 2 of them he would be friends with, a boy named Philip and a girl named Fiona. Derek was an introvert so he didn't bother to make other friends aside from those 3. Eventually he developed a crush for Joan but he kept it to himself. He is also undergoing therapy in order to control his temper. Derek's life was pretty plain during the day but when he would dream, he would be able to explore it, be aware that he is dreaming and remember his dreams. His sister also experienced these kinds of dreams and they both at one time met each other in these dreams, recalling what each one did. When they woke up the following day, they agreed to not tell anyone else. He has lived in the mountain town for a year and they both have been experiencing the dreams every night. Since he lives in a mountain town now, he can't play soccer unless it's indoors which he hasn't accustomed to. To replace this, Derek decided to pick up snowboarding.

Weapon: Dual-wielded one handed swords
Element: Light
Name: John Tailor
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes. Weak looking, but not unhandsome
Personality: Calm, quiet, nice, helpful, however he can stand up for himself.
Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, walking, movies (paticulay the classics), playing the Saxophone
Family, Friends, Pets: Andrew Tailor, Father: Cool guy. Is a loving father, and a good friend. He also became mayor of the town a few years back, but while it's considered by most that he did a decent or at best good job, he left the post 2 year ago for reasons unknown. Also, knows boxing. The tough as nails kind, not the pansy safety stuff and rules kind.

Abigail Tailor, Mother: A loving mother, and a cool lady. Generaly helps people put where she can. However, she can be a bit... odd on occasion. She clams to be just a TINY bit psychic, and while neither John not Andrew believed her at first, when she saved both their lives from falling over a cliff 5 years ago because of it, they have believed her and took her word on it since. They keep it secret.

Bob Angle, Jim Falcone: John's two best friends, these guys are the troublemakers, though I mean troublemakers in the most AWESOME sense, not the go looking for trouble sense. They come up with a ton of awesome things to do in this little burg. If they get in trouble, it's often for small things and all three will cover for each other.

House: A small house, not too far off from the village, close enough to get to and from the place via walking but far enough for privacy.
Room: Basically a giant nest of books and games
Favorite Colors: Yellow
Favorite Foods: Bacon
Favorite Drinks: Water
Favorite Songs: Video game songs, no particular favorites
Favorite Animals: Dragons, if you mean fantasy. If not, Lion.
History: The family Tailor has lived in this sleepy hallow for as long as anyone in the village can remember. Not prominent enough or rich enough to be a major player in the town, though they have a bit of each from virtue of being there so long, but always there. And it seemed right they should be - it's the sort of place they always want to live. Well, aside from John Tailor. But then he would be perfectly happy only in a fantasy world, or at least if magic existed in real life. But that's not to say he hates his life - he has a few close friends, no real foes, he gets decent cash from his parents to go out and the food is always good and the house warm. What more could you REALISTICALLY want? So life is good for him. He just always had this slight feeling that there should be something more...

Weapon: REALLY huge Warhammer
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Name: Raphael Zafeiris

Appearance: Raphael has short, light brown hair and blue eyes. He's clean shaven, but every now and then a few whiskers sprout up. He has a pretty bad case of dry skin, which means he has dandruff and flaky skin around the nose and eyebrows, but no one really notices unless he forgets to put on his lotion in the morning. Which almost never happens. He is fairly tall, taller than most people, but an average height for most basketball players. Most of the time you can find him wearing blue or grey jeans, his Game of Thrones Stark hoodie and a T-shirt when indoors, but outdoors he tends to wear a puffy black jacket over everything as well as his scarf, gloves and ski hat.

Personality: Raphael is very quiet, humble and altruistic. If anyone drops something, he'll always bend down to pick it up. He never picks fights and usually is the guy sitting in the corner reading a book. On the basketball court though, he plays aggressive.
Raphael also likes things to be very orderly and can't think straight if he doesn't have everything he needs to do written down, which is one of the reasons that his room is filled with to-do lists everywhere.
He's also relatively good in school, due to the rather rigorous international school system he's used to.

Hobbies: Basketball, E-Guitar, Electronics (Not really a hobby, just something he's interested in), Reading and gardening. Sort of. He had to build a hydroponic garden for a science experiment last year and since then he's kept growing stuff in it. Mainly because he spent so much on the darn thing in the first place.
Oh and gaming. But that's pretty much a given.

Family, Friends, Pets: Both parents, one sister named Courtney and a fat old Labrador named Nikki. No friends so far, since he's new in town.

Father, Cornelius Zafeiris: Works in international trade, organizing trade fairs and so on. His job is why they move a lot. He's a stern guy, but kind-hearted deep down. He tends to be away a lot of the time. He also grew up internationally, so it's hard to say what nationality he has except European.

Mother, Barbara Zafeiris: Unemployed. Very kind (Almost annoyingly so), and pretty airy, artsy-fartsy if you get what I mean. She once worked in music therapy because she is very good at singing and acoustic guitar (She suggested Raphael take up guitar lessons) but doesn't do it anymore.

Sister, Courtney: Courtney hangs out in popular cliques, but is never a leading figure in them. She constantly complains about her tiny imperfections that only she notices. She currently has a boyfriend, Daniel. They hang out a lot. She's also older than Raphael and in her graduating year. Thus, she's under a hell of a lot of stress and tends to lock herself in her room with her biology books for now. The two siblings get along well, although they both know exactly how to annoy the other. Courtney tends to let off steam about her social life by talking about it to Raphael, and likewise, Raphael tells her about what happens in the dream world to stay sane.

Dog, Nikki: Nikki is a fat Labrador. When she was adopted from a shelter, she was as skinny as a stick, but now she looks like a barrel with four legs, a tail and a head. She spends most of the day sitting at the window barking at birds and always waddles to the dinner table to beg for scraps. She's learned to ignore Raphael though, since he never eats meat.

Friends in other countries, Tony and Shaun: Tony and Shaun were Raphael's best friends in Germany. He skypes with them every now and then and once a year they might come over for a visit. Raphael has friends in France and other countries too, but none as close enough as to visit him from across the sea.

House: A town house fairly close to the city center. There are three stories plus a basement. The guest bedroom and storage are in the basement, as well as the heater. The first floor is home to the kitchen, dining room, living room and coat closet. And the garden/courtyard thingy too if you want to be picky. The second floor is the parent's bedroom, the office and their bathroom, and the third floor has Raphael's room, his sister's and their shared bathroom.

Room: It's pretty small, but Raphael still managed to cram a lot into it. There's a built in wardrobe that came with the house, as well as a built in desk/shelf thingy where he has his desktop (Which he built himself), his working desk for schoolwork, his bed, a small shelf for his books (Most of which are crammed under his bed because his shelf is too full) a chair and a window. Plus his guitar and amp.

Favorite Colors: Black and green.

Favorite Foods: He's pescetarian, so the only meat he eats is fish. His favorite food is pasta. And eclairs. But you can't get good ones here unfortunately. He also likes Chinese food, and there's a Chinese buffet near his house. Oh and sushi.

Favorite Drinks: Orangina, but you can't get it here. So he sticks with ice tea.

Favorite Songs: Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, (Pretty much all alternative songs) Imagine Dragons, Smashmouth and Queen. His all-time favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers though, because it's so awesomely fun to play Under the Bridge on guitar.

Favorite Animals: Penguins are boss. And lions.

History: Raphael's dad's work requires that he moves a lot. Every four years, they go somewhere else. Raphael's lived in America, France, Germany and a lot of other European countries, so he's used to starting anew, like in this town. He never tends to make many friends wherever he goes, just one or two. In the last country, Germany, he manged to have five friends, so by now he has lots of friends from all over. It's just a bit hard to keep up with all of them. He started having lucid dreams at 13, which was around the age that he and his sister stopped fighting and actually sorta became friends. Thus, his sister is the only one to know that he does, and being able to confide in her helped him stay sane. He skipped second grade, which is why he's only fifteen in his sophomore years.
When he was younger, Raphael was not a popular kid. He hung out with the nerds pretty much all the time and was shunned by the popular people. At least, that's what it was like until his mom made him pick an instrument to play and he went through his growth spurt. When people found out he could play popular songs on guitar, he became "popular" for a bit, hanging in limbo between the social outcasts and the big cliques. Later in France, he found out he was good at basketball by joining a streetball game on a public field. Very soon afterwards, he joined the school basketball team.
So nowadays Raphael tends to balance out his days playing video games and D&D with his friends as well as training with the basketball team and practicing with his guitar tutor.

Weapon: Raphael uses a rapier in battle, but when behind the lines, he has a lute to aid his friends with magic.
Elemental Affinity: Aw man, I have to pick an element? Can't I just be an ordinary illusionist? If not, Ice then.

I hope this bio isn't too convulted ad hard to understand. I tried to make my character similar to myself. Dunno if it worked.
Name: Mordecai Enos
Appearance: Mordecai is medium height, being around 5' 6". He has medium length silverish and brown eyes. He constantly wears a green beanie, a white t-shirt underneath a black jacket, and black jeans with black sneakers.
Personality: Somewhat of a cross between an introvert and an extrovert in he keeps to himself and yet he has lots of "friends". Overall however he's an introvert, he is also very ambitious and will do his best to succeed at what ever he is doing.
Hobbies: Games of all sorts, including sports, acting, and drumming
Family, Friends, Pets:
Aiko Enos: Mordecai's mother, a Japanese woman who moved to this town when she was 7.
Lance Enos: Mordecai's father, a German-Italian man who has lived in this town for his entire life
Vincent Enos: Mordecai's younger brother, he is currently in 7th grade.
Lance Jr.: Mordecai's older brother, he is 19 and is currently going to the local college.
House: A house in the suburbs.
Room: Chaotic, with a color scheme of silver and green, it is actually fairly easy to find things even through the chaos there is some sense of order.
Favorite Colors: Silver, Green, and Black
Favorite Foods: Mostly Japanese, he also likes various German, Italian,and British foods.
Favorite Drinks: Tea, coffee, juice, and soda.
Favorite Songs: Parody Music such as Weird Al Yankovic, fandom based music, rock and some punk rock.
Favorite Animals: Sharks, snakes and other deadly carnivores.
Mordecai was born with a mutation that caused his hair to be a silverish color, as such people outcasted him, but he grew up with that and was still able to make lots of "friends", however none of them really he considers to be true friends. He is 16 and current a junior at the local highschool.
Weapon: A daisho set: A set of two swords, one long one short, normally a katana and a wakizashi.
Element: Ice/Water
Name: Nathan Taylor
Appearance: He is 6' 2", weighs 175 pounds, and has brown hair and hazel eyes. He has an average face, with no distinguishing features. He usually wears black jeans, black sneakers, a t-shirt of either his favorite heavy metal bands, or a Game of Thrones Targaryen shirt, and a hoodie with this design on it. When outside, he wears a thick black jacket, gloves, and winter hat.
Personality: Very nice, polite, and quiet when around others, but when he's by himself, he monologues about the (usually horrible) things he wish would happen to those who dislike him.
Hobbies: T.V., video games, books, monologuing to himself, internet roleplaying.
Family, Friends, Pets: He lives with his mother and father, Named Jessica and Danial(respectively), who have absolutely no clue about his journals or rants, and treat him very nice and with plenty of love. He has no siblings or pets, and has only a few friends, do to usually being outcast for quietness or being "nerdy" when he does talk.
House: A single story, two bedroom, two bathroom house, with brown siding, black roofing, and a garage.
Room: His room has white walls, posters of his favorite metal bands, the House Targaryen logo, and the same design as his hoodie. his bed is against one wall, a desk and computer against another, and a T.V. stand, T.V., and PS3 against a third wall.
Favorite Colors: Red, black, grey.
Favorite Foods: Pizza, burgers, pastas.
Favorite Drinks: Pepsi, iced tea, Dr. Pepper
Favorite Songs: Songs by Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns 'n' Roses, and pre-Black Album Metallica.
Favorite Animals: Dragons, and real-life wolves.
History: Nathan was (and still is) bullied a lot, due to him never taking an interest in sports, liking 'nerdy' things, and almost never talking. Rather than him trying to take revenge on the bullies, he would sit and plot vicious revenge plans that he never actually fulfilled. However, he did finally meet a few friends is school that shared his interests, and weren't simply using him as a verbal punching bag. He never lost the old habit of plotting horrible tragedies to the people he disliked, and to this day keeps several hidden journals in his room filled with his plans.
Weapon: Magical staff of Zombie Creation.
Element: Darkness.(Gee, Stereotype much?)
Name: Jack Blackhill
Appearance: Jack Blackhill is a thin,medium height guy with black hair and brown eyes,has average strength,and his face is...normal.He usaully wears a black coat and dark blue trousers,along with a dark grey shirt and brown sneakers.
Personality: When he's among strangers or his classmates,he's nearly always silent,but when he's with his true friends,he never stops talking.He is also very polite,kind,and humble,and has only 3 friends he considers as true friends.When his classmates taunt or insult him,he ignores them and continue whatever he was doing.But this only makes him angry,arrogant,and prideful inside.
Hobbies: Apart from listening to music,writing stories,and playing video games,he only sits in his room and thinks about his own life,or invent a new "evil laugh"
Family, Friends, Pets: Oliver Blackhill,father:He loves his children,and always tries to grant their wishes,he works as a lawyer from a long time.

Christina Blackhill,mother:She is kind,caring,helpful,and wise,she helps her children and always advices them to do the good things.She once worked as a professor but is now retired.

Rose and Maria Blackhill,his two sisters:They are older than Jack,but they still love,respect and care for him,and would share anything with him.They are kind,but just like Jack,they have their Berserker side too.

John Stryker:One of Jack's friends,he is somewhat like a mirror version of Jack when he's with other classmates,but will still be polite when he is with his friends.

Adam Baker:One of Jack's friends,he is the closest one to Jack's personality,a nice,calm and humble person,except he never ignores his classmates' pranks,and would fight them back,which just gets him into more trouble.

Jacob Greeneye:One of Jack's friends,he is a mix between John and Adam,it seems like he could "change" his personality according to the situation.Also,don't let his name fool you,he isn't one of those Green-Eyed monsters(as in "Envy"),in contrary,he is....well,kind and nice etc....

House: A normal house in the city center.
Room: A bed and a desk full of books,and one window.
Favorite Colors: Purple,Black and red,Both dark and light Blue,Green.
Favorite Foods: Pizza,burgers,meat...
Favorite Drinks: Tea,coffee,water
Favorite Songs: Video games music
Favorite Animals: Most mythological creatures(Cerberus,Chimera....),reptilian creatures
History: Jack is,as said above,growing angry from people who taunt him,thus he creates stories where he represents them as monsters or animals,and represents himself as an OP villain,enslaving them or killing them at any time he wants.Also,when he goes to sleep,he could explore the dream world,in which he like being a berserker who has enough power to stand for a fight.

Weapon of choice:A three-bladed scythe.
Elemental affinity:Darkness.
Name: Urlend Smith.
Appearance: Urlend 5'11 and is seen as a tall person, his hair is light brown and his build is quite muscular. Often wears gray jogging pants, an orange t-shirt and a black jacket on top of the t-shirth. He looks like a normal person. Someone who doesn't stand out, the only thing that stands out, is his cold gray eyes.
Personality: He's optimistic by nature, a go-lucky guy who spends most of his time either day-dreaming or just dreaming. And lazy. That's his biggest fault. Won't be very happy if someone gives him a task that proves to be difficult.
Hobbies: Boxing, sleeping and having fun.
Family, Friends, Pets: Almost every kid in the orphanage.
House: Lives in an orphanage. Gray on the outside. A tall building with eight floors in total.
Room: Room number 7. Consists of not very much. A bed, a bookshelf, a poster, a desk for studying and a nightlamp. His room is almost entireley white, except for the window which is painted orange.
Favorite Colors: Either orange or green.
Favorite Foods: Noodles, rice and beef.
Favorite Drinks: Water or sprite.
Favorite Songs: The Rocky Theme.
Favorite Animals: Lynx.
History: His parents died in a car accidnt when he was 12 years old. With no relatives wanting him, he decided that he didn't want to move with a foster family. He have now lived in the orphanage for five years and is now one of the oldest. He is one of the few who can "Dream" and keeps this as a secret.
In-Dream: While dreaming he have a katana and and uses lightning when he is fighting from a distance. He is what you would call a "Spellblade".
Element: Energy.
Name: Grimlon, although more commonly known as Grim.
Appearance: An unusually tall figure, Grimlon stands at 6'3, and has what is considered a 'boxer's physique', strong and lean, and usually wears a Red T-shirt with black Jeans. He has short, shaggy black hair, that is constantly messy, with no definite shape to it at all. His dark grey eyes set off his long, pale face, and he has faint stubble along his strong jawline.
Personality: Quiet, and somewhat creepy, Grim has never liked people. Instead he has put more faith in his drawings, where he designs scenes and conversations to pass time.
Hobbies: Running, Drawing, and sleeping.
Family, Friends, Pets: He has no friends, and his only family would be his Father, who he rarely sees, due to the fact that he is constantly on business trips, having not-so-secret affairs with his co-workers, which Grim is ultimately disgusted by.
House: A fairly large house, with stone walls that were once white, and a red roof. Grim's father rarely bothers to clean it, so it is very often messy, with cheap furniture and many unused rooms.
Room: Grim tends to stay in his room, with red walls, a black floor, and only one dirty window. He has a large bookshelf full of sketchbooks, and reference books about art. Apart from that there is only a bed, a closet, and a cheap electric piano.
Favorite Colors: Crimson, and Silver.
Favorite Foods: He practically lives off of Tomatoes.
Favorite Drinks: Dr.Pepper.
Favorite Songs: Virtually any type of heavy metal.
Favorite Animals: Cats. No other animals tend to like him.
History: His parents divorced when he was 6 years old, and his mother ended up committing suicide a month later. His father ended up getting all of the finances, and Grim has stayed with him since.
In-Dream: In his dreams, he is a master Necromancer, and he stores his power in a pair of obsidian daggers. He also uses Krav Maga for close combat when needed, yet prefers to fight from a distance.
Element: Darkness
Name: Deah(De-ya) Senoph
Appearance: About 5'7, likes to wear fairly simple clothing though sometimes, he wears unusual clothing unfit for cold weather. Likes white clothing. Fairly thin. Has black messy hair and dark brown eyes.
Personality: Calm, laid-back and cheerful, Deah is an easily approachable person. He has a curiosity over everything and has a tendency to act like a fool around a friend or family but only for the purpose of making things cheerful around him. He isn't bothered by the cold at all and dislikes hot weather. Deah is generally forgiving while he also has a serious and resourceful side when a certain situation arises He won't hesitate to get in the way of something to protect someone.
Hobbies: Drawing, playing video games and running
Family, Friends, Pets: Parents, a brother, a dog and a cat.

Berq Senoph: Deah's dad. Works as a curator. Has high expectations on Deah. Has a cool beard.
Cecilia Senoph: Deah's mom. Typical housewife that has a tendency to overreact on some things. Loving and caring as always.
Kain Senoph: Deah's brother. Supportive, resourceful and tops at universities. He has always been a good brother to Deah, but disagrees with some of his philosophies. The source of Deah's love for games.
Surname: Deah's cat. An adopted black-and-white cat from the streets that REALLY likes Deah and sticks to him whenever he's around.
Merath: The family dog. Likes to run around the yard all day and has a strange fondness of cans.

House: A fairly large, well-maintained house with 4 total floors. The interior is minimalistic and quite has quite a few classy furniture.
Room: A small room that contains only most of his stuff, a closet, a bed, a large window and a table.
Favorite Colors: Green, all shades of blue and a bit lesser liking to all of them
Favorite Foods: Eggs, asian food and anything that involves beef.
Favorite Drinks: Lemonade
Favorite Songs: He's not a music guy. Though he likes some classic ones and has a small liking to Game music.
Favorite Animals: Has a general liking to every one of them.
History:He leads a fairly simple life and is the youngest in his family. Deah is constantly conflicted about deciding for himself and about what he wants to do in the future due to having to live up to his parents' expectations. While he is laid-back, his parents' constant arguing throughout his life and a lack of outside experience with other children when he was younger made him more mature for his age. Having skipped grade school, he has developed a rather weird sense of humor around when he hit high school courtesy of his brother and the internet. Now, Deah is constantly deciding for himself though doubting himself at times, believing that life is about making choices and moving on. He hates young romance and believes it to be a hindrance to one's goals.
In-dream:He wields a single sword and has untapped elemental arcane potential.
Element Fire
Name: Abigail Mathews

Appearance: She's of below average height, and delicate complexion. She has medium length, slightly messy, brown hair and brown eyes, which are usually framed by a pair of glasses. There's a certain cuteness to her, but she doesn't seems to emphasize it too much. Because of the cold weather, she's usually seem wearing winter appropriate clothing, like sweaters, long pants, boots, mittens and hats. Besides, she never leaves the house without a white scarf her mom left her before parting ways.
Inside of the dream world, she wears a set of modest looking robes, and a green cape with a hood. Shining for its absence it's her lack of footwear, something she can't indulge into in the real world, both due to the cold, and because her grandma doesn't allow her to walk around barefooted at home.

Personality: Extremely shy and nervous, even by introverts' standards; it takes a lot of time and effort for her “connect” with people because of it. Nonetheless, she's a genuinely nice and sweet person, who also has a vivid imagination and a fair share of creativity. She's also quite sensitive, which means she can be emotionally hurt more easily than the average of people, but on the flip-side, that also means she has a highly developed sense of empathy.

Hobbies: She likes to write stories, though she rarely shares them with anyone out of fear she'll be mocked due to them not being really good. She also spends quite a bit of time watching anime and playing videogames; she's not overtly picky when it comes to them, but she prefers to avoid anything that she'd consider too gory or grotesque.

Family, Friends, Pets:
-Rebecca Mathews (Mother): She's a strong and intelligent woman with a solid moral compass, and a remarkable work ethic, characteristics she has tried to cultivate on her own daughter. However, the rigors of her job also make it quite difficult for her to spend more time with her. Still, she tries to make the most out of the limited time they have to be together.

-Ulysses Mathews (Grandpa): A kind and erudite man, Ulysses has always been a great father figure, and he's quite glad to be able to spend more time with his granddaughter, as he has a lot of stories and knowledge to share. Despite being retired, he still works repairing electronic equipment (specially sound equipment) because it helps him to keep his mind active, and his spirits high. He enjoys listening to classical music and watching movies. (specially European cinema)

-Gwendolyn Mathews (Grandma): A sweet and caring woman who, nonetheless, has a strong temper when it comes to family related matters. (with some control-freak tendencies) That said, she's glad to have her granddaughter around, and she feels proud of her not being “one of those decadent hormone addled teens”. She can be a little too overprotective at times, which stems from the fact she's quite nervous and apprehensive, something that makes Abigail wonder if she inherited that from her. She likes doing gardening to pass the time, and also watching soap-operas.

-Sir Roscoe J. Fluffington the 3rd, or Ross for short (Pet): A small, puffy looking stray dog which she found not too long after arriving to the town. Even though her grandma opposed at first, she managed to convince her to keep him. He's a rather affectionate dog, but also a bit too energetic and curious, which usually causes him, and those around him, some troubles.

House: A single story medium sized house with all the usually expected commodities, including a living room, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and two bedrooms. Besides that, it has a small green house for granny Mathews plants and flowers, a small workshop for grandpa Mathews, and library/study-room.

Room: It's quite tidy and organized, there's definitely a feminine vibe to it. Besides her bed there's a desk with a laptop on top of it, and a chair besides it. Her bookshelf, besides containing text-books and other useful reading materials, it's decorated with miscellaneous figurines. There's also an integrated wardrobe, where she keeps her clothes, and a few boxes with things she can't use right now, like some game-consoles. There are a few posters on her walls, mostly from anime series like Saint Seiya, Princess Tutu and Macross Frontier. She also has a sizable collection of plushies of all kinds, with the most notable being an old and weary looking dog, which she calls Freddy, that she's has had since she has memory.

Favorite Colors: Blue, especially the lighter shades of it.

Favorite Foods: She's a big fan of sweets; chocolates, cookies, and all kinds of candies aren't safe when she's around. But, if she had to choose just one treat, ice-cream would be her choice. Otherwise, she doesn't have any particular preference, but she prefers to avoid meat as much as possible.

Favorite Drinks: Lemonade. Lately, she has developed a certain taste for coffee, as his grandparents usually drink it at their home.

Favorite Songs: She doesn't seem to have a preference for a particular kind of music, and she's willing to give most things a shot, as long as it isn't too strident, (ie. Death Metal) or vulgar. (ie. Intercourse With You Songs) Though, her favorite song might be Pollyanna, from the Mother series.

Favorite Animals: She's a big fan of dogs, but she seems to like most animals, even those other people would consider abhorrent, like spiders or mice.

History: Growing up is never easy, but to Abigail, it has always seemed to be more difficult than for the average girl, not only because of her timid personality and the lack of a father figure on her life, but because she has always been on the move due to her mother's job requiring them to do so. Lately, this situation has caused her a lot of anxiety and stress, something that didn't pass unnoticed to her mom. So, in order to try to help her to recover her peace of mind, she decided her to send her to her grandparents home, at a tranquil mountain towns, with the hopes that peaceful and more stable environment might help her to control her current stress.

Even though she opposed at first, Abigail accepted the offer, because she knew her mom was trying to help her to feel better. So far, everything has been going relatively well for her, as she's glad to be able to spend time with her grandparents, and the more relaxed rhythm of the town has helped her to control her anxiety. However, she still hasn't managed to make a friend in school, and being away from her mom for so long is something she hasn't experienced on life before... So, all in all, her stay has been a mixed blessing so far.

That said, something peculiar has been going on as of lately... A series of strangely lucid recurring dreams, dreams of a fairy-tale-like land which seemed to have a strong continuity, as if they were chapters of an on-going story. Despite being highly unusual, Abigail has taken quite a fondness for them, as they make her feel quite comfortable, in an unique way she cannot accurately describe. Since these dreams have a sequence, she has decided to make the best out of them by helping the characters that roam them, like a good friendly neighbor would. Besides, she has been keeping a journal of the things she has seen so far, as they seem like they could make a good story at some point in the future...

Class: Druid, (Earth Element) specializing in support and restorative magic.
Name: Samson Cresting
Appearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes
Hobbies: Swimming
Family, Friends, Pets:
Favorite Colors: Blue, White, and Black
Favorite Foods: Pretty much anything that isn't fruits or vegetables (excluding potatoes). Prefers cherry and blue raspberry flavored candy.
Favorite Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Powerade (White and Blue ones mainly), and so on. Isn't fond of knockoffs or Fruit Punch flavored drinks.
Favorite Songs: Literally the only music he hears on purpose comes from his shows, games, and movies he watches. Even then the only ones he can actually name are One-Winged Angel, Dancing Mad, The Man with The Machinegun, and The Imperial March. However is he rather fond of the ending song for inFamous 2 and the openers/closers for Kingdom Hearts games. He'll also try humming what he thinks are the songs for Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. He also likes listening to the opening and closing songs for the anime he watches.
Favorite Animals: Cats
Class: Commands water, wields a spear and sword, functions to some degree as a Conduit/Tales protagonist cross.

Daimyo Daimyo -> ? (4/2/2013 23:46:33)

Remember, forget, go back in time.

Lie, ignore, read, play games, dream.

Close your eyes, plug your ears, shut your mouth, run away.

@Raphael Zafeiris The "scythe-guy", as you call him, swung his weapon's three blades against the goat head's neck. They do not lope it off in one clean slice as you expected it would. You've done dissections before. With scalpel in hand you cut right into frog skin--only to hit bone. That must be what's happening with the noirette over there.

And you're right because he starts applying more force on his farming tool. You can just imagine the grating noise made by the friction of metal scraping bone. The kind of sound that makes your face scrunch up and your body cringe.

With a loud sickening crack, the scythe finally splitted through the bone and the head falls to the ground. The male, without anything to resist his force anymore, slices forward at empty air and nearly tripped but managed to catch himself in time.

The lion head screams. It screams at you until it's throat is hoarse. You cover your ears but even then you feel like your forehead is about to split open and that your heart will burst. Neither of those things happen though. Instead, you feel something hot being blown in your face.

The dragon head, you realize, must be breathing fire. You try to blast a flurry of ice at the stream of flames but the solid quickly melts into liquid form and then evaporates into steam. Closing your eyes, you cover your face with your hands.

You find it hard to breathe while being set aflame. While usually there is darkness when you shut your eyes, now there are flickering red, orange, and yellow.

Daimyo Daimyo -> ? (4/6/2013 18:55:49)

@John Tailor It was a simple plan. Go to the library and find books about dreams. But it's much harder than you thought--all your ideas are. It's like that game you tried to make for a school project: Kingdoms of the Hill. It was a good concept--at least to you--but it wasn't something you were capable of making yourself. You tried to get someone else to do it for you but there were no volunteers. In the end, you remade Dynasty which was simple enough for you to do so.

But enough reminiscing about the past. You came here to learn about your powers, about your ability to lucid dream. If only you could actually find anything though. The placement of the bookshelves remind you of aisles in a supermarket. Rows and rows of books reaching up nearly to the ceiling. There are so many that you wonder if some of them are even read--

"Can I help you?" Deep in thought as you were, the question made you recoil in surprise and your heart start beating fast.

"Ah, sorry. Did I startle you?" A silly question to ask because anyone can see how much your eyes have widened. You glance at the speaker and note that everything about him just screams monochrome. White shirt, black sweatpants with two white stripes running down both sides, hair that reminds you of a skunk, and...is that an eye patch?

"Why yes, it is." You realize too late that you've blurted out what you were thinking out loud. You feel your face heating up.


"Ah, it's okay. I don't mind. My name is Grace Diamond. And you are?"

"John Tailor."

"Well, John. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I'm looking for a book on dreams." At that, Grace gives you a knowing smile.

"Worried about the coma epidemic? A lot of people are. If you'd follow me please." Grace begins to walk away, his polished black leather shoes clacking on the marble floor. He leads you to the check-out counter and you watch as he goes behind it, seats himself in a rolling chair, and starts clacking away at a keyboard.

"Well don't just stand there! Come here and sit." He pats a cushioned chair beside him. Awkwardly, you walk behind the counter and do so.

"Let's see. Ah-huh, Dreamweaver! Hmm, but it's unfortunately checked out. Since...1919? And by a...Nomen Nescio!?"

"Umm, who is Nomen Nescio?" Grace glances at you in surprise, as if just realizing that you are still there.

"I probably shouldn't tell you...but...what harm can it do? Nomen Nescio was said to be a demon child. Back in those days, people thought magic and witchcraft were real. He and his mother were ostracized by the people of this town. So they lived in a cottage in the woods on the outskirts of town. The very same woods that we call the Stone Forest today. It got its name from the ashen color of its trees and the strange rocks formations around them. Your parents probably told you this already but that place is cursed. Legend has it that those who wander in never come out. Supposedly they are turned to stone. Teenagers such as yourself, despite being warned not to, dare each other to enter. None of them ever return and the police don't bother sending in search parties because they will just disappear as well.

Ah, but I wasted enough of your time. You came here for a book, not to hear me ramble."

"No, I don't mind. What you said was pretty interesting."

"At any rate, I'm sorry I couldn't be of more use. There's no other book about dreams here besides that one. And there's no way you'd consider going into Stone Forest looking for it--right?" Grace glares at you. Damn, so he knows.

"O-of course not!" Satisfied by your answer, he smiles again.

"Well, it's getting late. I have to close up and you have to be getting home. If you want, you can come back anytime to chat with me. I'm no book but I think you'll find my knowledge of dreams to be just as useful."

"I might have to take you up on your offer then. Thanks for the information and goodnight."

"Goodnight to you as well."

You're now outside of the library. The sun has long set and only the orange light from the few street lamps allow you to see in the dark. You feel an arm wrap itself around the back of your neck and shoulder.

"So, how'd it go?" It's your friend Jim.

"Not much that we didn't already know. Apparently there was a demon child named Nomen Nescio. He and his mother were hated by the townspeople. They lived in a house in the Stone Forest."

"Ooooh, scary. You think he's the one behind the disappearances?"

"Who knows? It's just a story. Besides, he'd be long dead by now anyway."

"Right, so we're going in?"

"I swear, you and your dares will be the death of me one day."

"So that's a yes."

"Of course I'm going. But I understand if you're scared..."

"Hah, as if. If anyone's scared, it'd be you. Want me to hold your hand?"

"If you lovebirds are done making out, I'd like to finish this quickly and get home before it gets too late and my parents start to worry." Jones calls out through the window of the passenger seat.

@Jack Blackhill When you've come out of the school building and onto the sidewalk, you notice that Jacob is ahead four blocks away. Each day he stares at the Tensen Villa when school lets out. Is it merely admiration or does he...want to break in? You hope it's not the latter case. You'd hate to see a friend go to jail.

Jacob has been acting weird ever since he got out of the hospital. He got run over by a drunk driver. His injuries were said to be fatal. The doctor didn't think he'd pull through but somehow he did. It was a miracle but it came with a price. Jacob was still the kind boy he always was but sometimes his personality changes. It's like he becomes a whole different person. And then there's his sudden interest in the Tensen Villa when he didn't have any before...

"Jake! Are you coming or are you going to keep staring all day?" Elena calls out, bringing him back to reality. He gives one last glance at the villa before following behind the two of you.

You had intended to go straight home after school but Elena had other ideas. And you could never really deny her what she wanted because you loved her. The two of you aren't dating though. No, you're too much of a coward to confess your love to her and ask her to be your girlfriend. You're afraid of the possibly of being rejected, of ruining the friendship you have.

Hospitals seem to make most people uneasy and you are no exception. Such a white, sterile environment that houses the sick, the injured, the dying--and the dead. Elena wants to visit her ill cousin though so you have to bear with your discomfort for the time being.

On the walk over there, Elena fills you in on the situation. She has two cousins, a boy and a girl, named Sylus and Nana. They're known as the Cotton-candy Twins.

"Cotton-candy twins?" Confusion is evident in your voice.

"Yep, they have light-colored hair like cotton candy. Sylus is light blue while Nana is light pink." She goes on to say that Sylus has an incurable disease that leaves him physically weak and tire easily. "Recently, he has been getting worse to the point where he needed to be hospitalized."

You mull this over in silence as your group reaches the hospital.

"We're here." Elena says, stopping before a door marked 321. She knocks on the door and after a moment a female voice responds with a "Come in!". Not needing to be told twice, Elena turns the knob and opens the door.

Inside the room, there is a bed lifted off the ground with four wheels. Lying on it is a figure with light-blue hair, garbed in a white hospital gown, with a bunch of tubes sticking into his left arm that are connected to an IV drip bag hanging on a stand. To the left of the bed, seated in a dark-blue leather chair, is a girl with light-pink hair. The moment she spots Elena, she gets up and runs towards her with outstretched arms.

"Elena!" She shouts, crashing into her with a hug. The recipient of the embrace is surprised at first but quickly hugs back.

"Sylus! Isn't this great? Elena came to visit you!" She calls back to the figure in bed. Sylus doesn't say anything. He merely glares at her from where he's sitting, head propped up on a pillow. Headphones are over his ears and you can hear the music blaring from them even from where you're standing.

You turn to ask Jacob's opinion on all of this but he's gone. You look around the room for him and find him standing next to Sylus' bed and staring at the boy. Sylus tries to ignore him but you can see that he's watching Jacob from the corner of his eyes. Unnerved by the other male's unwavering gaze, he finally snaps.


"You're going to die, aren't you?" Sylus' eyes widen at this but then they quickly narrow into a glare.

@Bradley Livion You have to stay after school to finish an art project. You like to draw but you're not very good at that. This is the reason why you're in this class--to get better (and also get your required art credit). Besides you, there are a few others in the room also working on their pieces. When you look at how amazing their work is compared to yours, it makes you feel inferior. There's one painting in particular that stands out above the rest. It depicts that of a nine-tailed fox with paintbrushes as its tails. The setting seems to be Feudal Japan according to the buildings, lanterns, and strange symbols. The fox looks so real, so life-like, as if it could jump right out of the canvas--

"Can I help you?" You were so engrossed in staring at the painting that the sudden sound makes you jump.

"A-ah, no. I'm just admiring your work."

"Well, go admire it from a distance. I need to work on it and you're in my way so move."

Silently, you return to your stand while the painter occupies the spot you were standing at moments before. Myodai, that's his name. Everyone knows him. He's a talented artist and managed to get 2nd place in a contest. Messy black bed hair, green eyes with dark bags beneath them, a cheap disposable white shirt, a green apron over that, and black shorts. Pale skin, thin skeleton-like arms, red lips--

Woah, woah. Stop right there mind. Sure, he's cute but his personality is awful. He's rude to everyone and ignores everyone who tries to speak to him. Even the teachers seem to know not to call on him to answer questions or read a passage. In those regards, he and Leonard are alike.

You watch as he dabs his brush in white paint and works on the fur of the fox. He seems so sure of himself, like he knows exactly what he's doing and how to do it. You glance at your random scribbles and wonder how you can ever get to his level of talent.

Before long, the teacher calls out that she'll be going home now so it's time to clean up and put your stuff away. There are only two sinks in the room so you all have to line up to wash your hands. Myodai squirts some hand soap from the bottle onto his hands and lathers them up. He then brings them under the running faucet of cold water where he begins to scrub vigorously to get the dried paint crusted on his skin off. When he is satisfied, he turns off the faucet, shakes some water off his hands, and pulls a paper towel out from the metal dispenser on the wall to dry his hands with before tossing it into the trashcan. You and everyone else repeats those same actions though your hands are not as dirty as theirs are.

Those who are friends tell each other "Goodnight!" or "See you tomorrow!" as they depart. On a whim, you call out "Goodnight!" to Myodai. He gives you a look of disbelief before nodding his head in acknowledgment and speed-walking out the doors of the building and into the night. Well, he didn't ignore you so that's a start.

@Leonard Siegfried It's after school and as always you're standing by your black Ducati motorcycle in the parking lot. You could drive home immediately but you're waiting for someone. Ah, speak of the devil, here he comes.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

Myodai stands at the height of 5'5''. He has messy black bed-hair, green eyes with dark bags beneath them, pale skin, and arms that could be mistaken for a skeleton's if there wasn't skin covering them. Your classmates seem to think that you're both brothers and you admit you can see some resemblance. Myodai is mostly silent like you, you both don't have any friends, you both ignore the people who try to talk to you, teachers don't ask either of you to answer questions or read passages, and you both have black hair and prefer blue attire. But the similarities end there. You're an orphan whereas he has parents. You've fought many people for a living while he looks like he can't even fight to save his life. There is one thing that he's better at than you are. And that is his artistic skills. In fact, that's how you two became acquainted with one another. He's the one who spray-painted your motorcycle with the blue flame designs that you see before you today. To repay him, you drive him from his house to school and back each day. You even bought him a matching helmet to go along with yours. For some reason, girls squeal when they see the two of you together. Especially when he links his hands around your waist.

"It's fine." You reply, getting onto your motorcycle, inserting your key and turning it. The engine rumbles to life. You pick up your helmet to put it on but notice Myodai isn't doing the same.

"Umm..." He looks at the ground. "Can you...come pick me later? I have to stay late to finish my art project so--"



"When should I come pick you up?"

"Uhhh, 6 P.M."

"Alright, wait for me here."

If Myodai had anything else to add it was too late to do so because you were already speeding off. Coming to a stop at a red light, you thought about your relationship with your "little brother". To be honest, you're not sure why you allowed him to get close to you. You've pushed everyone else away so what makes him so special? Can the two of you even be considered friends? Neither of you really talk much and you don't interact with him during school. Sometimes he tells you about his day when you're waiting for the light to turn green. You don't say anything in reply but you do nod. He always asks to be picked up and dropped off a few blocks away from his house. From this, you've concluded that he doesn't want his parents to see him associating with you. They'd probably forbid him from riding with you ever again. For some reason, the thought of not having to be his personal driver anymore doesn't make you feel relieved. If anything, it makes you feel as though your heart has been frozen and shattered into many pieces.
The parking lot is dark and nearly abandoned with only a few cars remaining when you arrive. Only the sound of crickets chirping and your motorcycle's rumbling can be heard. It would have been impossible to see where you were going if it were not for the headlights on your vehicle and the few streetlights bathing the area in white light. You slowly bring yourself over to the appointed meeting spot. Myodai is standing on the sidewalk in front of your parking space. He is already wearing his helmet which he keeps in his backpack.

When you stop, he climbs on and hugs your back for dear life. His hold tightens as you start driving away, his arms shaking in fear but also excitement.

Sooner than you'd like, you arrive at your destination a few blocks away from his home. "Thank you." he says after taking off his helmet.

@Ciella Today, you've decided to stalk Morgan. Or rather, he's the only one you can actually follow around. Your other crush, Leonard, rides a motorcycle so there's no way you could possibly keep up with him. Morgan, on the other hand, walks because his house is only four blocks away from school.

Morgan's gender is a hot topic for discussion among the students during lunch. No one knows whether they are a male or female and Morgan, probably amused by their uncertainly, obviously won't confirm it. You think he's a boy though. A really, really pretty boy. One that probably wears dresses inside his villa where no one can see him. Now that's something you'd want to take a picture of.

You've already taken pictures of him and Leonard without either of them knowing. Of Leonard's, the one you treasure most is one where he and Myodai are seated on his motorcycle with Myodai wrapping his arms around Leonard's waist. They aren't related but that doesn't stop people from calling them brothers due to their similar black hair, love for the color blue, and anti-social behavior. It also doesn't help that Leonard, for reasons unknown, transports Myodai from home to school and back each day.
Character name: Nomen
Abilities: Ice Shield, Fist, Claw, Floor, Wind.
Mood: Uncomfortable

Nomen kept a bit of distance between him and the others. Just enough space to spread his arms out like a bird's wings if he wanted to and, most importantly, not look like he was purposely avoiding everyone. Because then someone might call him out on it and everyone would turn to looklook at him and--

And...and his face would get warm.

So he keeps as still as he can; afraid that even moving his hand to rub his eye would draw attention to himself. His feet are planted firmly on the ground and he could maybe be mistaken for a statue if his body and clothing were a stony-gray color.

...And if he weren't shaking so much.

He can't think of any questions he'd want to ask. Nothing comes to mind as he keeps his eyes locked on the Headmaster. Though he doesn't dare look directly at the Deathscythe's eyes or anyone else's for that matter. He doesn't want to come off as a creep staring at someone. What, with the blank look on his face and all.

So he keeps quiet because, really, he wouldn't be able to voice his questions even if he had any. The words would catch in his throat and he'd look like a total idiot for wasting everyone's time. And on the off-chance he did muster enough courage to speak, it would come out as a stutter and Shadow would definitely ask him to speak up because he's speaking too softly and no one can hear and his face would be warm and--

But he doesn't say anything so none of that happens. He listens keenly as the others ask Shadow their questions. The information could be important to know. His head is tilted back and his shoulders are raised but he does turn to look at one of the males who is speaking now. He doesn't really care to remember names of his fellow classmates but the ones in his classes are a special case. Special in the sense that he hears them in the hallways and sees their faces enough that they've been firmly etched into his mind.

The room is quiet except when someone is asking their questions and the Headmaster answers them. It's a peaceful sort of quiet that makes the raven-haired male want to rest his eyes. Just for a little while. He takes a nice breath of air through his nostrils and blows it out from his mouth. And like that, all was well in the world.

...Until his stomach growls. His eyes quickly snapped open and widened. His stomach continues to gurgle and the sorcerer tells it, in his mind, to just shut up. He hopes that no one can hear it, that it couldn't possibly be that loud. The gods must hate him though because everyone in the room has turned to look at the source of the noise.

Nomen wants to run out that door to the left of him right now. But he doesn't because doing that would make him look like even more of a weirdo. Instead he rests the palm of his right hand against his face; fingers splaying out like a spider's legs but still allowing him to see.

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