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Hakunin -> Souls at the edge of time (4/1/2013 13:07:25)

Souls at the edge of time. Warriors at the edge of time. An army, an empire at the edge of time. My army. My story. And Death is just the beginning of it.

I came from the Void, banished by Nulgath himself after turning to a Blood Fiend when entering the ranks of The Void. The Void is where the World belongs, The Void is what is the World. There is no existence, just The Void.

Noone knows who started the war in which I resulted dead amongst others - Nulgath or Dage. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter why Dage built his army from enslaved souls to his sentient undead horde. It doesn't matter if Nulgath will stay in power over the Oblivion Gateway. The destiny of the World is to be pushed through it. The battle between Evil and Chaos is just an opportunity.

I feel the others. Oh yes, there are others who escaped capture. Mere fleshlings, never experienced how to exist without flesh and blood, how to exist almost not, how to be one with The Void. That's my advantage over them, that's my chance building my domain: I'm already familiar with Life, Death and even Undeath. I was a Blood Void, a Knight of The Void and now more, much more.

Me and the others like me are ripped from flesh and blood, only our souls remaining, and that's what matters, I give this to Oblivion, who guards the Nightmare Dungeon in Solace currently. He's there to challenge me, challenge us. Nulgath's ways are somewhat mysterious.

How can I affect the world in this incorporeal state? By possessing bodies. When someone - or better say someTHING - is dying, I can take over the control. A small part of the original inhabitant remains, and I feel merging with those pieces when using the corpses - a tiny bit of enthusiasm, inspiration, or even fear -, but I AM IN CONTROL, I am what remains.

The first instinct was to raise the potential of the first host as soon as possible, but that turned out old habit soon. The more corpses, the more characters I can act like, the more potential I have to win this war. Gathering my one-man army to be everyone. To be noone. Except me. Except the Void swallowing the World.

Where are the bodies, what happens them when they're not in use? They are at the edge of time waiting for their part of the fight. Warriors at the edge of time waiting for their one battle destined for. Waiting to finish the endless cycle. They are tired of love and fear, they must fight.

We are many. We are THE OVERSOULS.

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Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (4/5/2013 0:45:04)

Bodies. Collecting bodies.
When the whole of the World is one battlefield you just have to look around, no need the gods' omniscience when waiting at the edge of time. Although information helps.

The bodies also help.
Quests. People trust appearance, so trust me with quests.
I started lowest. Rats. Not something great, but a start. In the Sleepy Wolf Inn I cleared the rats. Not that they won't have 'em anymore...
But with this I realised: I don't have to wait people dying. I can kill them myself. The rats made excellent practice. Both for combat ... And they had no resistance against possession. That came later.

Got also trusted to hunt orcs. And ogres. Many of them. They seem to be exctinct nowdays...
While roaming the lands looking for things (I posessed a maggot. Giant maggot before you ask, can rip an arm from you with its bite, not some puny earthling. And frogzard) I realised some people .... Are more convincable when appearing as their mate. That was how I ended up possessing a Water Elemental for example.
Other people are more to the "traditional" money, like Rolith. Geez, that person knows something selling the hide of a Captain of the Guards!

After common animal life forms I continued my campaign with primitives. Feels like I captured an entire tribe of Cave Zardmans. But of curse I can't stop there, trying to aquire greater lifeforces. That's harder, and not as common.

This time around though the important thing was numbers, filling the ranks. Within the first week equaling a small army, 50 characters I can show up. Only the mortals with the strongest mind can spot me still.

I am waiting. Waiting for something grand. I know it's coming. This week, next week, it'll come. I am already here. Cycles pass, but the souls at the edge of time remaining, waiting to the battle they exist for.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (4/6/2013 16:03:31)

Even the infinite can look tight sometimes.

Diversity of the races are just as many as nature given. And I can not possess more then one of every type of minds. Or I don't want? I'm sometimes not sure in myself in this state, things floating away from me into the Void. Well, there is a loophole: in certain cases at certain level of ... accustomation, minds can change. Minds of the warriors I bring here, to the edge of time to exist for their final battle, where they shall fight on my side. And I put my alliance to where ultimate power comes from.

I have to focus. Keep things in focus. Possess every kind of mind. Roam the places until you sense nothing new. The first of this thing turned out the Labyrinth Dungeon, a place where I rescued Sonja. Heh, the naive girl offered me great reward.
The place itself didn't offer too hard of a challenge, possessing the minds did.

For example I sensed minds what I could not find at first, even after passing all platforms through the corridors. The Undead Knight was one of such challenges.
But even that was nothing compared to the Sword Skeleton/Blade Skeleton/Crypt Samurai. Man, that creature has hard skull! I don't know why, maybe the honor they lived they life by, at least I can't figure out anything else. And if that determination means such strength, I should follow their pass on my - way of course.

There are better and less adequate bodies providing their skill for me. I saw others with different bodies with equal success (higher you say? HIGHER?! NEVER!!! Your soul, my dinner!), yes, but I have my preferences, as they do I bet. Why go far away from your own way? Need to focus. Still, those experiences provide useful information, so along my favorite body (Skelly Soldier) I develop secondary plans to surprise challengers. This is why I use Earth Fairy for example. Useful in more ways then you'd think. Disposed a Witchblade to mention one of the greatest success with that. There are some others too, what I keep to myself.

Being thorough and resourceful pays out. Gathering the 70th body is no small thing.

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Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (4/13/2013 6:15:35)

I encountered with some other Oversouls to test each other. Most of them think too high of themselves, just for capturing some special bodies.
The hosts can be powerful, but you have to research its abilities to get the full grasp of it. Let me tell you about this battle:

An Oversoul I passed by, challenged me for a friendly battle. He was so obsessed with its new Darkon body. Let me tell you what's a Darkon. It is a human host what got power by reaching through the walls of dimensions. Its hands pass a portal each, and from the other side a beast hand reach back. I thought they dived into powers of ancient being, like Cthulhu, but it turned out they just enslaved some dragon. Not that that lowers my thoughts.
It is an immensely powerful being, but a real behemoth. You must get comfortable with it before you would unleash its power.

... Hm, there are bodies what are good at short, quick battles. How could I prevent them growing beyond their ability? ...

Concentrating on just the battle-abilities also makes slip unrelated things from your hands, most obviously, let the bodies talk from old habit. It can be really strange to an outsider two Darkon facing, both telling the phrase:
"My soul belongs to the Dark Lord, and so does yours…"

But sometimes some real conversation comes out of this, what amuses me. Like when I fight paladins:
"I will cleanse this land of Evil and despair. For glory and the Light!" - Paladin
"My soul belongs to the Dark Lord, and so does yours…"
Taunting them this way shakes their moral[8D]
Of course most of the time the words floating up from the devoured mind of my creatures are nothing else then twitching after death, what I can only hope creates some confusion in the approacher.
For this reason I like skeletons most. Anything they say to them, they stare back indifferent. They are consumed by The Void. This is what the others don't get. They fight for things, like someone killed their mother... What kind of reason is that?!? What's gone is gone, what comes will be gone. The Void can mean everything instead. The neutral darkness of chaos... Light is just an illusion. Light and its cousin, lightning. The other elements are fine, cleansing The World for The Void.

Light and lightning just create the delusion you have power, control over The World. But we, Oversouls are all at the edge of time, in this half-existence, where everything is desolated, barren, gray covered by shadows. The green out there is just a temporal anomaly. The earth's blackness shows it's indifferent for the light, or the sands of deserts straight reflect its ray, rejecting the very idea.

Not that this'd prevent me capturing the goody-good ones, and infiltrating the light realm. Wherever power comes.


Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (4/15/2013 13:44:35)

I feel I've fully developed the potential of the Darkon. Slow and stable it sent things into The Void. I was satisfied.

But I got bored. Impatient. Enlightenment came with focus.

Now the world feels more vivid. Brutal, fierce, and merciless.

And with only the real exotic creatures remaining, what are both rare and hiding... And as creatures to hunt for the given quests are in those remaining few...

Burn The World until only desolated ice plains remain! War, frustration, anger have to be released. Through a Fire Witch I can build a Pyre, a pyre for this world...
And anyone standing in my way will receive the words: "You dare challenge me? I'll char you to the bone you pathetic fool!"
And when they got charred, they'll regret playing with fire!

Burn, burn the World with unquenchable fire, feed the unsatisfiable hunger of The Void! I will show Nulgath I'm worthy, I'll show everyone!

I want to entangle The World to crush it into pieces, to push its remains to The Void so that it find peace.

I feel the fire cleansing my thoughts, leaving ME behind, only me, not getting lost in the ever growing heap of corpses at the edge of time...

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Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (4/26/2013 11:54:40)

Fire is ruthless and calculating. Overkill in the fire realm doesn't exist, it's just the natural thing happen. I many times incinerated enemies drowning in their own blood with Fireball, because that was the only thing came to my mind. With fire overkill becomes a habit. Customs mean predictability, what gives opportunity into your opponents' hands.

After the raging fire I needed to calm down, so I went after some water-creatures. By power they're not much, but when I want a show, they're definitely the choice. But lacking them at the moment, I tried out earth until I capture what I want.
It was a though job choosing from the earthlings. They are so very much alike, and the same time so very different.
But I wanted fun, and a small flame still danced inside me, so I chose the Earth Fairy.

They are what you expect. Small, annoying creatures with surprising ferocity. There is something wild in them I liked.
Meanwhile the Oversouls held a Tournament. The first one in the row of many. Seemed like all the beings at the end of time were present, they were so swarming, the crowd.
I had no interest getting involved. I had more important things to do to take this seriously, despite the prize. But what's immortality in The Void? The roaring infinite makes the loudest shout silent. You have no mouth in The Void to scream. Another point to the silent population of the depths.

But I couldn't resist entirely. I had to show myself. Make a gulp for The Void.
I fought a Headless Horseman. Instead of falling into the arms of fear, I closed my eyes, and fought without enemy. Conquering yourself is the way of kata, and my Pyre Witch won.
I also fought a Barbarian Master. What's the word for a female barbarian? Barbarianess sounds silly...
I fought her with the mask of the Earth Fairy. We fought at the edge of time, far from the busy, bursting mass of the others. Sometimes we felt this battle might never end, our defense never lowered, our mind ticking like clockwork, always building up, reaching to the heavens, what is not there. No, there was no salvation, only the jawning jaws of The Void. And the mountain I throw on the head of the other.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (5/1/2013 8:30:40)

This time around it is hard to pass through the barrier between the edge of time and The World. You're slowed down by an unknown force, getting frozen to time.

There is also an ice-age. Came from nothing, and if you get caught in the stunning wind of the north, or the debris of rocks, there is no escape; you'll be sent back to the edge of time.

With both these around it is very hard to reach any goal. This is not the power of the Void, but the drain of Ice.

So I only had my fair(y)-fun, and tried out all the elements in reach.

Lightning is tricky, so tricky it sometimes bogs itself.
Neutrality... It is costy. It doesn't cost your soul, but it is just a titan. Well, it needs every hit count when fighting a two-front war I assume...
Light is weakest of all. That damn fairy. When would it have a chance against a wild Incarnate of the Void?!

Yes, The Void released itself on The World with its army, and Neutrality fights against it with monks. The Void charms them to its side, but they keep coming. Hah, Neutrals always brag about "balance of all things", but they always end up fighting at the side of Light... Coward hypocrits. Just once I'd see them on the side of Shadow... The Void could win over all.

And Light, the absolute of hypocrisy. Beings too weak to protect themselves aligning 'em to be slaves of godlike beings.
The Void is at least honest.

Oh, and Ice before I forget. I heard about a new Ice Be-ing, promising beyond belief... But in the the sub-zero, I won't take the hike.

Finally water: water proved more fun then I imagined with Weteye. You don't know what a Weteye is? You should see it yourself to believe. It is an eye-like fish, what jumps around on chicken-legs when on dry land. It has a high-degree regeneration, and although not much else, its muscles writhes slapping hard. It better shines as I inserted one 7th of my soul in it.

With all this lurking around I feel a tickling sensation inside my ... not head, as an oversoul no longer have that. What is coming next?

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (5/10/2013 12:47:59)

The harsh conditions pressed their sign on me. I only did small things since last time because of it.

First, despite my better judgement I went after the new ice-being. I found it soon, before I got frozen. She said "I will take what is rightfully mine!" - well, now she is rightfully mine.

I did other battles too, this time not with wild, living things, but other oversouls.
I decided for the next tournament exhibit the Light Fairy to humiliate the goody-good-ones. I'll make her to the middle of its power, to have it in everyone's reach, so anyone can see. Despite I have no hope winning any fights, there are others who... lack skills, or abilities, and will happen what already happened, and this'll win. Life is harsh.

You want to hear more battle-stories? Maybe you heard about liches. Let me add my story to the ones you already heard 'bout them.
My foe, when saw it, stood astonished. I poisoned its body, I placed the Mark of Death on its soul, then cut it to pieces. Liches are impressive.

I also finished all quests trusted me, but one. The sole remaining one is the one I took first, the one from the ogres. That Orc Pillager just keeps evading me, curse on it. But I have patience, that you learn at the edge of time. The Void will come for that too.

Aside of these you ask? Chose my chosen ones for the elements, thus I'll have power when the time arises. Chaos comes ever closer. And when the harsh havoc gets loose, I'll stand ready.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (5/14/2013 14:10:32)

The North became almost impenetrable. There were some bodies I wanned capture, but you can barely see your nose up there.
And even though as an Oversoul we have almost infinite time, we can not eternally lie to avoid die.

With my ever-growing Army of One I can face many foes - but alone can not stand the elements themselves.
Even with newly-found powers unlocked by some, an Oversoul is defined by the bodies it gets access to, and not the incorporeal force floating between them.

But as the Ice gets thicker, we all feel the coming darkness, the hunger of The Void awakening.
I can only hope this sensation will become true. Even if the Ice rules The North, The Void can rule all the others - and then it is just a matter of time. With a little Chaos, the tide of frost can be driven back. Chaos can change everything, as that is its nature.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (5/19/2013 16:11:35)

The Ice melted in the face of Darkness, but their infiltration won't hold me up. Nulgath may send his creatures at this world, but I'll capture them and transform them onto my use.
Dread Fiends? My answer is transforming that pathetic thing, making my, thus becoming The Void embodied in Flesh. Still, anything is better then nothing, as we'll need everything to oppose Dage trying to conquer the portal, causing disturbance.
Hail Nulgath! I'll crush all who oppose the dark lord. As long as it not strengthens him so much I won't be able to dispose him at the very end. He must be sent to The Void too after everything else - then he won't be needed anymore, even preventing the reason he was put there.

But I don't want to make myself a permanent body. I wonder if I'll ever want. Why should I? Forever is a long time.

The thing worries me is, that with the advance of The Void light gained power too. Balance in all thing I assume. Well, trying to devour The World did not work before, so this was expected.

Another thing is, that while some of the others develop skills I've never knew exist - and I mean acts, not bodies -, my ability to possess others got cut. I seriously hope that is only temporary.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (5/22/2013 14:03:52)

Standing here, with such a mass, I feel like an overlord.
Mass means power, and power means hunger, but the power of the individual feels lass of a push.

So I go after more creatures, ever more, ever further.
Strike fast, then retreat to where they can not reach to, even just for the place containing the law nothing to happen. That's how things work at the edge of time.

Funny thing is, the most special things are all in the realm of light. Why is that? Divine interruption? Demolish the gods then? Are there gods? Are there other kind of gods?
Or if you don't let yourself enslaved, you yourself become the gods missing? Can you become your own Champion?
The Drakness has its own heroes too.
Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn
Why I said that?
Said? Thought?

I retreat to the body of a Goblin, I retreat to the snow, I retreat from the burning cold North.

I charge the storms, I charge the drake, I charge to finish my pending quest.

I want to burn, I want to bury, but in the end there is the question: why do we struggle?

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (6/1/2013 12:33:26)

Light, light ... and Shadow.

Why it turns out always these two?
Our world has eight elements to compete, but it seems the two restless-ones are here too are those two.

When you look at The World, it seems, it was inhabited by Shadow, and Light came all over it later.
But how can you cast shadow when there's no light? What strange light causes the spread of The Void?

And when you're in the middle of things you don't even notice this. You are so busy keeping alive, you don't have time for these kind of questions.

But at the edge of time... Where barely anything that happens reach you...
You even notice these so-called Light thingies are fakers.
They have no real power. What power they have comes from the gadgets they carry. Technology, what they deny from anyone else. If you could steal those steam-engines, you could take all their power and unite it with the other elements... Light, stripped from all power, frozen by Ice, shattered by Earth, its remains burned to ashes by Fire, washed away by Water, into The Void... And Neutrality can make a new balance - until they become unnecessary, thus swallowed by The Void like everything else.
And Energy? Even Energy could support this cause, just imagine how much energy would be released by that act! Overcharging them until they explode!

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (6/19/2013 13:56:27)

To commemorate the push of Ice some of us, Oversouls made a contest using what's left in its wake.
Of course those won who thought it's wise to sell part of their soul for the purpose, the rest of us left somewhat behind. But in strange eons even death may die, thus was this championship about fun and evolving - not our captured bodies, but ourselves, the Souls behind the Flesh. Everyone won.

Despite the evidency of this, some started to fear their position not realising they can achieve the same with the other elements, or the common source of all the elements: Chaos.

Chaos is perfection. There is no longer Death, or Creation, because there'll be both constantly changing one into the other, balancing out everything, making them nothing. The perfect incarnation of The Void in The World.

Who needs a gate when you can even unmake The Void?

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (7/12/2013 13:27:05)

Water is the tide what dies breaking at the rocks of the shore like time over my patience.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (7/13/2013 7:15:44)

New bodies, sometimes better bodies... Faceless mass in a timeless void.

Frozen in constant change, nevergrowing evolutions, and with sacrificed souls surrounding, things feel fading.

Chaos biggest trick is it made us believe it never existed, and maybe that was the truth all along.

Things are always the same, and never lead anywhere. From the bottom of a void we inspect the stars, making them constellations, mere illusions of the mind.
What is there, and what's just mirage made by heat of ice?

If Time is just an illusion and everything exists at the same place, doesn't that mean there's nothing, indistinguishable?
What if our battle is futile, because we don't do a battle?

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (8/8/2013 13:38:16)

I've spent most of my "time" at the bottom of The Bottomless Pit.

How ironic.

I defeated countless legions of hordes of creatures, ripping out their heart, crushing them to gibber, bombarding them with fire until the earth itself erupted lava in its pain, at it was not enough.

I melted them by acidic poison, dark courses, or tides of water, and it was not enough.

I fought and they came, and I became the Conqueror Worm.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (9/1/2013 6:54:50)

Nothing is without consequence, and with the right consequence, even god-like beings can be won over.

Always remember: if a price is too high, you can always just move and find another challenge.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (9/7/2013 17:58:26)

Everything is nothing.

Being a being what can not die - you can call this immortality, undeath, or whatever you like -, is a curse.

I see from the edge of time alternate universes tainting our world. I see annihilation devouring what remains. I see familiar faces fading.

I feel the end of the world as we know it.

Hakunin -> RE: Souls at the edge of time (10/12/2013 10:51:08)

Clones spawning from the depth of nothingness?
Who thinks they'll stop anyone?

And the time got narrowed. Strange things happening. I feel oblivion annihilates chaos.

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