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kingpowerlord -> Dixie chicks reborn (4/15/2013 8:27:49)

Dixie chicks reborn


Focus: A 2v2 faction

Requirements: Have fun, obey the rules and be active. Anybody from any leevel can join but they need to be active and contribute to the faction.

Anyone wants to join please follow this the format below or contact ...miraged.../Morrigan ingame

ED name:


Wins on champ days:

donate tokens: yes/no

A bit more info:
This faction was made after the original dixie chicks was disbanded, miraged and morrigan are the co-founders, currently we are in control of the armor hazard flag and will later be going to capture more flags.

to be the best 2v2 faction

going for daily 2v2s/ flag captures

have fun

This is a 1 week old faction and has already got a flag captures and 2 daily 2v2s secured.

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