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Elryn -> =AE= Archiving help requests (4/29/2013 19:35:25)

Greetings everyone.

Due to some requests and some work I have been conducting, I am opening this thread, with proper permission, to allow those forumnites that are interested in helping me gather information for the purposes some archiving projects I am working on.

To clarify what is done in this thread. I shall post requests to gather specific series of information. Say if I request ''Please list all Dragonfables villains'' then one may post all the villains of Dragonfable and list them. And following suit, say a villain has already posted, avoid posting him again as he has already been mentioned. I shall take care to gather the list in the first post in order to keep tract of things. I shall post again when there is other information needed or sufficient has been had from the last.

All the forums rules apply of course. If you have any queries about this thread, please send me a [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img].

tagged pinned and faq'ed ~Fal

Elryn -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/2/2013 15:05:30)

Update: I am currently looking for the towns and areas that crossover the games (i.e. Battleon: AQ/DF/MQ/AQW, DoomWood: DF/AQW). Please list any towns and areas that come to mind that figure in two or more of the AE games.


Bludrut Keep
The Crossroads
Crystal Cave
The Farm
The Frozen Northlands
GreenGuard Forest
The Necropolis
Oaklore Keep/Village
Smoke Mountain
The Void
Willow Creek

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/2/2013 15:35:21)

The chimera, appeared in aq, and AQW,

The various Dragon element-monsters of aq/df have made appearance.

Here they are in order.


The gorillaphant has appeared in DF and AQW.

The Shadowscythe warriors appear in both mechquest and in AQW's The span zone.

Death (who appears in pretty much all the games)

Dage the Evil (Appears in AQW and in Epic Duel)

The moglin race has appeared in a lot of the games.

The Elf race has appeared in df and in Aqw as well as aq.

t track -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/2/2013 16:48:03)

Seed spitters are in aqw, df and aq classic
zards are in aqw, df, and aq classic
fire elementals are in mq and df.
fire mantix are in df, during the fire war, and aq classic.
the Kathool creatures are in MQ and DF, albeit they played a larger role in DF.
werewolves and vampires are in MQ, DF, AQW, and AQ classic
sand sharks are in aqc and aqw
scarabs in in aqw and df.
vampiric ghouls in both df and mq.
dwakels in aqc and aqw
fire eaters in aq and df.
moglinsters in df and aq
yetis in aqc and df
paindeer in aqc and df
mummies in aqc and df
anubis monsters in df and aqw
hydras in aqc, df, and aqc
deadwoods in aq and df
exodus in aq and df
golems in aq and df
gargoyle in aq and df
giant spiders in aqc, df, and mq
piranha in aq and df
magmen in aq and df
mana elementals in df and aqw
buzzers in aqc and df
wasps in aq and df
vampire bats in aq, mq, and df

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/2/2013 17:24:10)

Do you consider WF the same game as AQ Classic?
If not they both have:

DF and AQW

All games have:

Not sure if this counts but
Carnax is in AQW and AQC

deathlord45 -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/2/2013 17:46:04)

Drakels are in both AQ classic and AQW.
Minx fairies are in both DF and AQW(the span)

My Name is Jake -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 2:04:32)

Tog AQW and DF
Yeti ED and AQ
Demon AQ and ED

Elryn -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 9:47:23)


Death and Dage are more unique NPCs. There may or may not be a unique race to them, but until we know more, I consider them only as NPCs. Many thanks.

@T Track

Moglinsters are the result of a temporary mutation of the Moglins. Consequently, I would not consider them as a separate subrace/race from the Moglins. Thank you kindly for the assistance.

@Heroes of the Scape

As Warpforce and AdventureQuest happens in the same timeline, I consider them one and the same. Also, other than AdventureQuest, Carnax is a unique entity, thus I shall consider him as an NPC.

Thanky everyone. Keep them coming

Sora To Hoshi -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 9:57:21)

Werepyres AQ/AQW
Sneaks AQ/AQW
Zards (in a collective whole) AQ/DF/AQW
The Undead (not sure if it counts, skeletons and so forth) AQ/DF/AQW/AQ3D/OS

Edit, added AQ3D & OS

odsey -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 10:45:57)

Vampires: Aqw/Aq
Dwarf: Aqw/Df
Dragon: Aqw/Df/AQ
Minx Fairy: Df/Aqw
Human: Almost any game
Sek Duat(Not sure if it counts as he is a mummy) Aqw/DF
Elves: Aqw/Df/Aq
Dragonoid: Aqw/Mq
Dracowereypyre: Aqw/Aq
Sphinx: Aqw/Df. The only difference in Aqw, it is corrupted to chaos version.
Kathool Achool: Aqw/Df/Mq
Gorrilaphant: Aqw/Df
Plant like creatures:Ed and Df

Peachii -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 11:04:22)

Trobble AQ/AQW
Boars DF/AQW
Gourds AQ/DF/AQW

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 11:40:27)

Mosquitos have appeared in AQW and AQC

King Helios -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 20:08:03)

Dragonoid: MQ / ED / AQW

(thanks below)

Sora To Hoshi -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/3/2013 20:55:09)

^ Dragonoid is also in AQW

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/4/2013 3:15:22)

here's one we don't have listed yet.

Skeletons (various kinds)

Dwelling Dragonlord -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/4/2013 7:28:23)

Centocor: AQ, DF
Clawg: AQ, AQ3D
Braken: AQ, DF, AQW
Cyclops: AQ, DF, AQW
Djinni: AQ, DF
Dracopyre: AQ, AQW
Dravir: DF, AQW, AQ3D
Dwarf: AQ, DF, AQW
Glow Worm: AQ, AQW
Gorgon: AQ, DF (Medewwsa)
Grenwog: AQ, DF, AQW
Gryphon: AQ, DF
Half-dragon/Vartai: AQ, DF, AQW
Ice/Frost Giant (Joten): AQ, DF
Minotaur: AQ, DF, AQW
Orc: AQ, AQW, DF
Snail: AQ, AQW
Wyvern: AQ, DF

odsey -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/4/2013 9:14:35)

The roc: Aqw/Aq
Jack frost:Aq/Os
Crystal monster:Df/Aq
Soul Banisher/Exodus:Aq/Df

deathlord45 -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/4/2013 16:38:02)

Hydra: AQ, DF, AQW
Vampires: AQ, AQW, DF, MQ

Sora To Hoshi -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/5/2013 20:39:08)

Mushrooms (and all its counterparts) DF/AQW

odsey -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/6/2013 6:53:43)

Harpy: Aqw/Aq/Df
Anubis: Aqw/Df
Sandshark: Aqw/Aq
Training globe:Aqw/Mq
@James Thanks for telling me the correct timeline/game for some of the creature.

Grixus Faldor -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/6/2013 7:16:03)

The Anubis Knights and variants thereof are in DF and AQW, as are the Harpies. Not sure about the Anglerfish, but I think that's in DF too.

My Name is Jake -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/6/2013 8:16:27)

Ogre AQ, AQW and OS

Joerte -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/7/2013 14:35:58)

There are Clawkins in DF.

Elryn -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/7/2013 14:42:29)

Are there Clawkins in other games however? Remember, the races sought here must be found in two or more games.

List updated. Thanky.

t track -> RE: =AE= Archiving help requests (5/7/2013 20:53:24)

cat people are in aq and aqw.
weredragons are in aq and aqw
dinosaurs are in aq, mq, and aqw though in aqw it was a chaos beast.
yokai are shown in aqw but there is a book going into detail about a war with them in df. don't know if that counts
jelly fish are in aq and aqw
amythites a.k.a crystal creatures are in aqw, aq, and df.
geletin monsters e.g. slimes in df, and aqw xrfrgg in aq, gelatinoh no in aqw.

mosquitos in aq aqw and mq
doom cola machines in aq and df
fishpeople in aq and aq worlds
griffons in aq and df.
flying eyes ing aq and df.
gnomes in aq and df
wraiths in aq and df
nautiloids in aq and df.
yaga in df and aq.
defense drones in df and mq
brakens in df and aq
minotaurs in aq mq and df
sphinxes in aq and df
kaiju in df and mq
naga in aq and aqw

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