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Xanzitrax -> Paragons of Lore (4/30/2013 8:22:06)



Paragons; strong, fearless and unequaled in any way. Paragons are the elite of the elite, the true heroes that Lore needs. A Paragons will stop at nothing to defend his allies, to defend his homeland. They come from all over Lore, whether it be Swordhaven, Shadowfall, Lolosia or the Frozen Northlands.

Whether you have allied with the forces of Good, joined the armies of Evil or mastered the power of Chaos, any hero worthy of the title of Paragon is welcome in our guild; <Paragons of Lore>.

History of the Guild

<Paragons of Lore> was created and is currently run by me, Xanzitrax; Beta-Player and Founder of AQWorlds. I have played since beta and have been playing on and off for the past, almost 5, years.

Originally this guild was created as <Carpe Spolium>, standing for "Seize the Treasure". This seemed an appropriate name for the guild, as a large part of the game involves collecting treasure, be it weapons, armor, pets.. It was meant to be an equivalent to the guild I was in charge of on World of Warcraft. I had not recruited anyone to my guild by that time. After an unfortunate turn of events I had to change guilds on WoW and thus the name became slightly irrelevant on AQW. So I had decided to rename the guild to something more exciting, something that was easier for people to understand. I decided to call it <Paragons of Lore>. While a Paragon is simply an excelent and smooth cut diamond, Paragons are often refered to something unequaled, something I strife to create with this guild, and possibly with you.

About <Paragons of Lore>

Now what exactly is this guild all about? First of all, I would like to create a nice community within the guild; people having a nice chat, going /dancing together at Yulgar's Inn, etc.. People have got to get along, become friends! But obviously, in these times of need, Chaos and Chaorruption on our doorstep, we must also fight together. Join each other in battle, defeat those difficult bosses together and help each other obtain that wonderful new piece of equipment.

Our Members

After a short while, several members have joined our ranks. We're still small, but capable of growing. What I'd like to see one day is a full guild of 50 members! We don't do any special ranks. There's a Leader, his officers and the members.

Recruitment Status:


Guild Leader
Xanzitrax ( Character Page Link )

Guild Officers

James the Vi
The noob clan
Alex sein
Lord Malifact 01

What are we looking for

We're looking for mature and skilled players who have a decent knowledge of the game. We need players who are active, but most of all friendly. Your level does not matter, neither does your allignment. As long as you have at least a short history with the game, know how to play and are capable to help others with your knowledge, you are welcome here. We expect everyone to be friendly towards one another and hope everyone will have a good time together.

For those wanting to join our ranks

To become a member of Paragons of Lore you will have to submit an application. You can reply on this post. This is the template for the application, which you can copy and paste into the editbox:

[b]Your in-game name and Character Level:[/b]


[b]Favourite Class:[/b]

[b]Why do you want to become a Paragon of Lore?[/b]

Fill this in and we will get back with you as quickly as possible! If approved, I am generally available for Guild Invites around 8PM (GMT-4).

Guild Website

We now have an official Guild Website, complete with an Events Calendar, Forums, etc. Please click this link to go to the website.

Battle on!

Please do not ask private information such as name, age or place of recidence. ~Hollow Knight

Vector Drone -> RE: Paragons of Lore (6/10/2013 12:18:36)

2. Rogue Shadow45, 45

3. Evil

4. Ninja

5. The reason I want clan to join is because guys are small and i want to able to feel like a progress with something because if i joined a big then what would happen is lke i am a single active person with no thing to look for

Please do not reveal private information such as name, age or place of recidence. ~Hollow Knight

dieying3 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (6/30/2013 5:24:34)

2.dieying3 33
4.necromancer(planning to get) just looking for a clan to get in and i wnat to help amall clans to get new members to and be with new people

Please do not reveal private information such as name, age or place of recidence. ~Hollow Knight

Anthony150 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/16/2013 20:12:52)

2. anthony150, level 35

3. Good

4. Dragonlord

5. I want to become a member of the Paragon of lore guild, because i want to make a difference in AdventueQuest Worlds.

Please do not reveal private information such as name, age or place of recidence. ~Hollow Knight

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/18/2013 21:27:11)

Thank you for your replies!

All accepted applications have received a PM from me.

Master Mage 1134 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/24/2013 20:48:16)

1. Master Mage 1134, Level 47


3. Mage

4. I want to become a member of Paragon of Lore because I want to be able to enjoy AQW more, meet new people, and help other people.

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/25/2013 18:28:35)

Thank you for applying Master Mage 1134, welcome to the guild!

Hunter Kid X -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/25/2013 22:59:25)

can i ask if this guild is active because i really want to help a small clan growing but i like clans that are active...

by the way, this is my character page:

i need to know if this guild is active or not...

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/26/2013 2:41:30)

I'm striving to make this a guild of active members Hunter Kid X, which is why I have put in the thread that I'm looking for active members.

I'm trying to get Guild Meetings going as well.

Lord Malifact 01 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/29/2013 16:00:33)

Lord malifact 01 (level 41)


Alpha omega

I wish to become a member of this guild to be part of something more (in the game); something that will grow and be very big in the future. I would love to see this guild grow with more new members arriving. I have a lot of knowledge of the game so I will be able to assist the fellow members if they require help.

Hunter Kid X -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/30/2013 7:29:28)

Xanzitrax, can i meet you in person (in-game)? can we schedule an in-game meeting...there's something i would like to the way:

Hunter Kid X (Level 47)
Alpha Omega
I would like to see a successful future in this small doesnt matter how small it is now, what matters is what it can become, and thats where i shall lend all my strength to this guild and help each other as we BATTLE ON!!!

Master Mage 1134 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/30/2013 23:03:34)

I seem to have been removed, can anyone add me back or was I kicked out?

MeatGoneSmelly -> RE: Paragons of Lore (7/31/2013 9:53:14)

[2]Your in-game name and Character Level: MeatGoneSmelly Level 28

[3]Alignment: Evil

[4]Favourite Class: Alpha Omega

[5]Why do you want to become a Paragon of Lore? First I want to beat the 13 Chaos Lords with the guild and second, I want to help this guild have the best future.

Hunter Kid X -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/1/2013 1:51:20)

Excuse me, I have post my character info but dont know what to do next...should i meet someone or PM?

slayer jay123 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/1/2013 15:09:13)

1. slayer jay123 ,lvl33

2. evil


4. so i can help make the guild even stronger

AlexSein -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/2/2013 17:17:46)

Your in-game name and Character Level: Alex Sein ; level 13 (this is a new account on which I'll stay active and I'll play till the end, I've lost my other 2)

Alignment: Good

Favourite Class: Ninja (looking for a new one, but no idea which would fit me xD)

Why do you want to become a Paragon of Lore? Why? Well, that is not a easy question nor a hard one. Since I've joined AQW 1/2 years ago (with my other 2 accounts which I've lost) I've been looking for a nice guild. What does nice means for me? A nice guild for me means some kind of In-Game family. I'm sick of people who are being rude with the "noobs". Did they forget that they've been noobs too once ? I don't care how small the guild is, for me it needs to be friendly, a place where I would enjoy my staying. I've created this account as I don't know what happened with the other ones since I've became inactive (because some exams in real life), but now I'm back and ready to fight for the possible goals that may appear on my path. That being said, despite my low level, I would really like to be a member of PoL. Thank you.

EDIT: Also, what server is the guild playing on? :D

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/3/2013 6:09:47)

As mentioned in the post, once you've applied I'll do my best to get with you as quickly as I can. There may be a slight delay as:

1. I live in the UK, making it slightly more difficult to communicate with US players.
2. I have a busy schedule, working a full-time job, and can't always be online.

Also, I myself play mostly on Cysero.

AlexSein -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/3/2013 7:17:24)

That's just perfect. There is just a 2 hours difference between us. My GMT is +2. I also play mostly on Cysero and some times on Artix.

Emo gurl11 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/4/2013 15:19:50)

1)]Your in-game name and Character Level: Emo gurl11 (God I made that name when I was like 11 I know its bad haha) And level 18

2) ]Alignment: Chaos

3) Favourite Class: Vindictator of They or Berzerker I havnt really decided yet :O

4) Why do you want to become a Paragon of Lore? Well I quit about 4 years ago. I joined aqworlds literally the day it opened and played for a bit. I got the max level and all that but it really got boring fast. None of my friends from when I played before still play and some its a pretty lonely experience. Id like a newish guild to build and progress with and socialize. Thanks ^.^

AlexSein -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/4/2013 15:42:44)

I'm happy to tell you that level 18 is not the highest anymore :d I think the new limit is level 51.

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/4/2013 19:54:54)

That's right, 51 is the new level cap. I'm still 42, I've had too many breaks. QQ

I've sent you a PM regarding your application Emo gurl.

Also, I'm pleased to tell everyone I'm trying to get a website/forums going, bear with me on this one. ^^

Master Mage 1134 -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/5/2013 20:17:22)

I am very sorry I couldn't make the meeting today, it was the first day of middle school for me and I lost track of the time.

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/6/2013 9:46:25)

That's alright, I was only there for like a minute when my ISP decided to backstab me and crash my net every minute..

Hunter Kid X -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/6/2013 10:31:48)

xanzirax, so am i accepted if yes, where shall we meet?

Xanzitrax -> RE: Paragons of Lore (8/6/2013 16:18:47)

I sent you a PM several days ago. I don't know where you live, but I'm available most of the day tomorrow.

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