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Loremaster Maya -> =AQ= Become a Bug Hunter (5/1/2013 17:36:26)

The BugMaster General Needs YOU!

OUR MISSION: To confirm every bug, mistake, glitch, hack, typo, and error in AdventureQuest that other players report at www.Artix.com/Bugs! NOTE: We are Bug Hunters... not player support! We do not fix bugs other players' characters, accounts, or upgrades.

"The bigger the bug, the more satisfying the squish!"

If the line up there makes your fingers itch to grab a mallet and squash something, then keep reading, because you're just what Stratos is looking for! Read on for more details:

Please post the following on the AQ forum:

1. A link to your AQ character page
2. The languages you speak/write
3. A couple sentences about how long you've played AQ, and why you want to help squish bugs.

Here are Stratos' requirements for joining the Bug Hunter crew:

1. You need to have Skype installed. This will let him contact you directly about any of the bugs you've encountered.

2. You must be age 13 or older to join the crew, but 18+ is preferred (as we can give you more responsibilities once you've gained experience)

3. Help when you can. We don't have set times for our Bug Hunters to be available, but we would like you to be available to help regularly.

4. Must be able to follow directions... and ask questions! Stratos has a system set up, but if there's something you don't understand, ASK! He wants to help you squish the bugs as much as you want to squish them!

5. Good critical thinking skills are a plus. (Being able to see a problem and narrow down the source or reason can speed the fixing process up.)

Stratos will contact you directly if you look like a good fit for this task. It won't always (or even often) be fun. You'll read reports, play AdventureQuest until it breaks, then go do paperwork. But you WILL be helping the AQ dev team improve the game!

Reading reports and duplicating bugs over and over again not for you? That's OK! But DO we need EVERYONE's help reporting the bugs! We can't fix AQ unless we know there are bugs... and that's where YOU come in!

*chases out evil typo monsters* ~IMR

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