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Muffintop Von Lightningham III

«Mastercraft Energy pet. Can make the monster temporarily weaker against all Energy attacks.»

Related items:Level: 135
Power Level: 135, Mastercraft
Price: 2,529,504
Sellback: 1,264,752
Location: Thunder Mountain - Shop 4

Element: Energy
Training Difficulty: -66

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 10-48 plus 354.8% Stats each
BTH: 37 plus Stats each
Rate: 75%

Hits: 4
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 5-23 plus 169.8% Stats each
BTH: 41 plus Stats each
Effect: If all* four hits connect, the pet will attempt to inflict Elemental Vulnerability on the monster. If successful**, the monster takes 119.1% damage from Energy attacks for 1 round. The monster gains a +10 bonus to its save***:
    Level: 135 vs MonsterLvl
    Major: YourCHA vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
Rate: 25%

If also wearing the armor and shield of the set (of either the same tier or higher; Asgoldian items work as well), the attack rates are swapped: Attack #1 will occur 25% of the time and Attack #2 will occur 75% of the time.

*Your opponent does the electric slide, and dodges the worse of the attack.
**The electrical assault overloads your opponent's defences!
***Your opponent endures the electrical assault!

A powerful cat with amazing control over Energy! Also, it used to have a weird name, until I gave it a much better one :D


Numbers thanks to BlackAces.


Starts off as a random-heavy pet; 20-100 damage plus 743% Stats, with 33 BTH.
  • Attack #1 gains +4 BTH but deals *85/89 damage. Since there are two hits, each hit does 50% damage.
  • Attack #2 gains +8 BTH but deals *85/93 damage. Since there are four hits, each hit does 25% damage.

    The pet's Mastercraft bonus is used for the ability to inflict Elemental Vulnerability without a penalty.

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