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[image][/image]Card Shoppe DC

Location: Ellial's Card Shoppe (Book 3) -> Ellial -> DC Shop

Dragon Ace of Clubs Blade
Dragon Ace of Diamonds Blade
Dragon Ace of Hearts Blade
Dragon Ace of Spades Blade

Dragon Blade of Clubs
Dragon Blade of Diamonds
Dragon Blade of Hearts
Dragon Blade of Spades

Great Dragon Blade of Clubs
Great Dragon Blade of Diamonds
Great Dragon Blade of Hearts
Great Dragon Blade of Spades

Greater Dragon Blade of Clubs
Greater Dragon Blade of Diamonds
Greater Dragon Blade of Hearts
Greater Dragon Blade of Spades

High Dragon Blade of Clubs
High Dragon Blade of Diamonds
High Dragon Blade of Hearts
High Dragon Blade of Spades

Elite Dragon Blade of Clubs
Elite Dragon Blade of Diamonds
Elite Dragon Blade of Hearts
Elite Dragon Blade of Spades

Knave Dragon Blade of Clubs
Knave Dragon Blade of Diamonds
Knave Dragon Blade of Hearts
Knave Dragon Blade of Spades

Queen Dragon Blade of Clubs
Queen Dragon Blade of Diamonds
Queen Dragon Blade of Hearts
Queen Dragon Blade of Spades

King Dragon Blade of Clubs
King Dragon Blade of Diamonds
King Dragon Blade of Hearts
King Dragon Blade of Spades

Dragon Ace of Clubs Staff
Dragon Ace of Diamonds Staff
Dragon Ace of Hearts Staff
Dragon Ace of Spades Staff

Dragon Staff of Clubs
Dragon Staff of Diamonds
Dragon Staff of Hearts
Dragon Staff of Spades

Great Dragon Staff of Clubs
Great Dragon Staff of Diamonds
Great Dragon Staff of Hearts
Great Dragon Staff of Spades

Greater Dragon Staff of Clubs
Greater Dragon Staff of Diamonds
Greater Dragon Staff of Hearts
Greater Dragon Staff of Spades

High Dragon Staff of Clubs
High Dragon Staff of Diamonds
High Dragon Staff of Hearts
High Dragon Staff of Spades

Elite Dragon Staff of Clubs
Elite Dragon Staff of Diamonds
Elite Dragon Staff of Hearts
Elite Dragon Staff of Spades

Knave Dragon Staff of Clubs
Knave Dragon Staff of Diamonds
Knave Dragon Staff of Hearts
Knave Dragon Staff of Spades

Queen Dragon Staff of Clubs
Queen Dragon Staff of Diamonds
Queen Dragon Staff of Hearts
Queen Dragon Staff of Spades

King Dragon Staff of Clubs
King Dragon Staff of Diamonds
King Dragon Staff of Hearts
King Dragon Staff of Spades

Dragon Ace of Clubs Dirk
Dragon Ace of Diamonds Dirk
Dragon Ace of Hearts Dirk
Dragon Ace of Spades Dirk

Dragon Dirk of Clubs
Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
Dragon Dirk of Hearts
Dragon Dirk of Spades

Great Dragon Dirk of Clubs
Great Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
Great Dragon Dirk of Hearts
Great Dragon Dirk of Spades

Greater Dragon Dirk of Clubs
Greater Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
Greater Dragon Dirk of Hearts
Greater Dragon Dirk of Spades

High Dragon Dirk of Clubs
High Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
High Dragon Dirk of Hearts
High Dragon Dirk of Spades

Elite Dragon Dirk of Clubs
Elite Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
Elite Dragon Dirk of Hearts
Elite Dragon Dirk of Spades

Knave Dragon Dirk of Clubs
Knave Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
Knave Dragon Dirk of Hearts
Knave Dragon Dirk of Spades

Queen Dragon Dirk of Clubs
Queen Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
Queen Dragon Dirk of Hearts
Queen Dragon Dirk of Spades

King Dragon Dirk of Clubs
King Dragon Dirk of Diamonds
King Dragon Dirk of Hearts
King Dragon Dirk of Spades

Ellial: Welcome. You are here to shop...or to see what the future holds?

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