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[image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DA.png[/image]Puzzling Cards
Which will suit you? This item requires a Dragon Amulet.

Location: Floating Cards
Price: 6,400 Gold
Sellback: 640 Gold

Level: 80
Element: None
Bonuses: Block +1, Dodge +1, Parry +1, Crit +7, Magic Def +9, Pierce Def +9, Melee Def +9, WIS +7, END +7, CHA +7, LUK +12, INT +7, DEX +7, STR +7, Bonus +9
Resists: All +2, Wind +9, Stone +9, Fire +15

Rarity: 10
Item Type: Cape
Equip Spot: Back
Category: Armor

Other information
  • Each of the eight cards has a different colored aura surrounding it (red, yellow, white, purple, blue, green, gray, or black).
  • The movement of the eight cards are grouped in pairs, and each pair either floats up and down, or spins in a circular motion, behind the hero's back.
  • Cards show the suit of Diamonds by default, but can each be individually clicked to switch between Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and back to Diamonds, in that order.

    Assorted Suits Appearance

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