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The Hollow -> =AQ= July Z-Token Package and Golden Giftboxes! (6/25/2013 13:38:33)

July Z-Token Package coming soon - Horn of Tera Suul!
Get your Airenal's Lance while you can because it will soon be replaced by a weapon of immense power! Capable of switching attack types from Melee to Magic and transforming you into the mighty Frost Wyrm Tera Suul!


Golden Giftboxes are coming soon!
Starting in July we are adding Golden Giftboxes! For a very small token fee you have a chance at some really awesome loot like Black Wartexxx, Moonray and Sunray pet, the Blade of Awe!!! That isn't me be overly excited, you will now have a chance to upgrade your Awe weapons to their most devastating version! PLUS every month we will be rotating out 2 of the items.


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