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Jorath -> High Dragon Blade of Spades (6/25/2013 20:15:52)

[image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DC.png[/image]High Dragon Blade of Spades
Use this weapon and you'll reap your rewards in spades!
(No DA Required)

Location: Card Shoppe DC
Price: 350 Dragon Coins
Sellback: 315 Dragon Coins before 24 hours, 88 Dragon Coins after 24 hours

Level: 50
Damage: 66-78
Element: Water
Bonuses: Dodge +3, Crit +8, Magic Def +1, Pierce Def +1, Melee Def +1, WIS +6, END +8, LUK +7, STR +8, Bonus +5
Resists: Stone +10, Wind +10, Fire +10

Rarity: 8
Item Type: Sword
Attack Type: Melee
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon


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(Non-Dragon) Ace of Spades Blade, Blade of Spades, Great Blade of Spades, Greater Blade of Spades, High Blade of Spades, Elite Blade of Spades, Knave of Spades Blade, Queen Blade of Spades, King Blade of Spades

Thanks to Silver for image.

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