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Trankwil -> Gilded Glory (7/4/2013 18:28:55)


Est aurum stabilitatem
Gold is stability
Stabilitatem est ordine
Stability is order
Ordine est fortitudo
Order is strength
Fortitudo est potentia
Strength is power
Potentia est gloria
Power is glory
Welcome to Gilded Glory's recruitment page! We are accepting new members
and would love to have you as a member! Thanks for considering us!

Greetings, we are the Monarchy of the Gilded Realm. From time immemorial we were isolated from the rest of Lore by the mighty Oceans of the South, East, and West and the great Mountains of the North. Until now. We have grown strong and prosperous because of the long isolation and have grown into a powerful Monarchy ruled over by our beloved emperor. We are now powerful enough to break our isolation. We are royalist and do not tolerate any acts of disrespect to the crown in any manner. We are currently fighting off the barbarian hordes and rebels of unknown origin invading our empire and cleansing our kingdom from non-royalists. Our capital is located in Cysero and we have almost all other places under our empire’s presence. We give utmost importance to our citizens unlike most monarchies. We give great importance to the welfare and well-being of our citizens and all the members are treated equal under the crown. We are the bridge between evil and good. While some guild members choose to follow the good King Alteon, others pledge to Empress Gravelyn of the Shadowscythe. While individuals have their own alignments, we are united as an empire and the guild comes first. The emperor rules over the Gilded Realm with charm and charisma unmatched by anyone and because of his highness wits and wisdom we now stand as a unified powerful empire. We are a peace loving kingdom and we intend to keep peace. But we do not hesitate to fight back against any oppressors or anyone disrespecting us. We consider all as equals under the crown and help each other out whenever needed. Currently, we recognize the immediate threat of Drakath and his 13 Lords and understand that his downfall must come first. We can use all the help we can get to achieve this goal and you can help by joining us.


Ranking List

-Gilded Emperor-

-Gilded Chief General-
Position Unfilled

-Gilded General-

-Gilded Councilors (General Officers)-

-Gilded Ambassadors (Recruitment Officers)-

-Gilded Knights (Members)-
Super Buu Dragon
Lord Overlord
S Famely

PvP Ranking List

-Gilded War Generals (PvP Heads)-

-Gilded Warlords (Alpha Squad PvPers)-
Justin 1004

-Gilded Elites (Omega Squad PvPers)-
Lord Overlord
Super Buu Dragon



1. Must be active

2. Must be level 35+

3. Must sign up on guild website

If you are interested in joining, fill out this form and post it below or PM me or an officer.


Joining Form

Character Name:
Character Level:
Member (Yes/No):
Forum Username:
Why You Want to Join:
Main Server:
Activity Level (1-10):
Extra Info:

Once you have filled out the form, sign up on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

102100247q -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/6/2013 16:53:59)


Joining Form

Character Name: Masonvageto
Character Level: 45
Forum Username: 102100247q
Activity Level (1-10): 8
Extra Info: yellow

Trankwil -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/6/2013 22:37:09)

Accepted. Welcome to the guild!

Lord Overlord2 -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/7/2013 6:42:52)

we are increasing level requirement to join the guild to 35+ from 20+ due to high demand anyone above 35+ can apply for the guild.

S Famely -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/7/2013 9:08:49)

Character Name: S Famely
Character Level: LVL 35
Forum Username: S Famely
Activity Level (1-10): 7 (sometimes take breaks because busy in real)
Extra Info: None that I can think of

Trankwil -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/7/2013 14:10:58)

Accepted! Welcome aboard!

NorCalTrash -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/7/2013 22:36:18)

Joining Form

Character Name: NorCalTrash
Character Level: 49 (99%) so almost 50
Forum Username: NorCalTrash
Activity Level (1-10): 9
Extra Info: i play all the time. im good at the game. i can all make GFX for the guild.

Trankwil -> RE: Gilded Glory (7/7/2013 23:08:31)

Accepted! Welcome to the guild!

Lord Overlord2 -> RE: Gilded Glory (1/6/2014 11:15:57)

Gilded Glory is now put on hiatus (meaning : busy / inactive) and will be resurrected very soon.

Reagern -> RE: Gilded Glory (5/19/2014 2:50:20)

Character Name: impossible18
Character Level: 32 ( I know its not 35 but I really want to join)
Member (Yes/No): Yes
Forum Username: Reagern
Why You Want to Join: Glided Glory is a strong guild and I want to meet more players and overall have more fun in aq
Main Server: Depends on number of people ( Can adjust)
Activity Level (1-10): 7
Extra Info: I like blue

True_Mortals -> RE: Gilded Glory (11/29/2014 19:35:31)

Character Name: Great_Basalik
Character Level: 46
Member (Yes/No): No
Forum Username: True_Mortals
Why You Want to Join: I wanted to join a social and friendly guild
Main Server: Zorbak (Cant go to chat servers i told my real age 12)
Activity Level (1-10): 7
Extra Info: Im A chaos slayer rank 10 my best damage is 4650 i hope its good enough[:)]

Liivrah -> RE: Gilded Glory (6/16/2017 14:02:16)

Character Name: Liivrah
Character Level: 57 (Nearly 58)
Member (Yes/No): No.
Forum Username: Liivrah
Why You Want to Join: You're an active guild and you seem friendly, so I want to join. Also your background is really interesting and that's what caught me.
Main Server: Yorumi
Activity Level (1-10): 8
Extra Info: Can't really think of any. I enjoy helping in boss battles, if that helps. Anybody can really invite me to those.

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