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Elryn -> =Grammar= Semi-colon? (7/20/2013 10:12:58)

An odd musing on my part. Do you use semi-colon all that much? Why?

I personally have an odd relationship with them. On one hand, I do want to extend my punctual lore however I feel I lack the adequate skill in that respect to adequately use them and thus hesitate. I suppose I need more practice.

Faerdin -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (7/20/2013 16:16:13)

I use semi-colons all the time, actually. They are a good way to begin a new idea without technically ending a sentence. :)

Learning how and when to use it can be kind of awkward since, if we had a similar experience in school, you never really learn about semi-colons. You learn about periods, commas, parentheses, apostrophes, and all manner of elements in punctuation except for the poor semi-colon. But when you start using them and grow more comfortable with them, it just becomes a part of your writing.

Eukara Vox -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (7/20/2013 17:04:49)

I will admit that I rarely, if ever, use them. I just never quite got down when, where, and how to use them. So, yeah, probably would help to learn such things. [:D]

Dwelling Dragonlord -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (7/20/2013 18:08:32)

I barely use them. Two times in total for my story.

lordkaho -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (9/8/2013 8:17:21)

I admit I use them quite lot, especially because of what Faerdin pointed out in his first sentence. But after finding out its actual usage (and that's from my angry editor-in-chief), I seldom do now.

Arthur -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (9/8/2013 11:25:00)

I always thought semi-colons were something between a comma and no pauses. So, a very short pause, shorter than a comma until Madam Glow cleared this misconception of mine.

Here she explains their usage.


Semicolons are used to either link two similar sentence fragments or sentences together, or to create a list that is made of up individual fragments.
- I have a doughnut; chocolate ones are good.
- I had some awesome food at the party: there was a cake, chocolate of course; and root beer floats, which were messy but fun.
For more help on semicolons, try reading this link for more details.

Even so, I prefer NOT to use them. Strange grammatical mark, no?

Trainz_07 -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (9/8/2013 19:36:00)

I admit I am one to use them. Quite frequently at times. I assume it's a matter of personal preference, and for me it's the idea of being able to bridge two separate sentences and sort of indicate that they are in fact connected to each other.

Ingo -> RE: =Grammar= Semi-colon? (9/26/2013 0:11:00)

When I would use semicolons in papers that were to be turned in for a grade, probably 40-50% of the semicolons I used were incorrect and thus resulted in a less than desirable grade for me.

I don't use them too much nowadays, unless I know for sure that I am using it correctly, which is when removing the "[comma] and, [comma] but, [comma] or" from a compound sentence and replacing it with a ";".

Example: I like to play AE games; AQW is my favorite game.

In the end, I think the semi-colon is really just used for sentence fluency.

Edit Actually did some more researching thanks to this thread. Looks like they're best used when 2 independent clauses relate to each other.

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