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Galvawk's Charge

«Energy spell with Melee and Magic hits.»

Also see other Galvawk Spells: Obligation, Duty, Compulsion Z, Compulsion, Binding, Geas, Service, Bond, Charge

Level: 145
Power Level: 148
MP Level: 147
Price: 13,058,727 Gold
Sellback: 6,529,364 Gold
Location: Galvawk's Plot

Element: Energy
Cost: 625 MP

Hits: 8
Type: Magic, Magic, Magic, Melee, Magic, Magic, Melee, Magic
Element: Energy

  • All Magic Hits (6): 20.19-60.44 damage plus 127.15% Stats each
  • All Melee Hits (2): 22.71-68.00 damage plus 143.04% Stats* each
  • All Magic Hits (6): +42 plus Stats each
  • All Melee Hits (2): +32 plus Stats each
*Melee hits use the same stats as the Magic hits (INT/4 for damage, +LUK/2 on a LS; INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20 for BTH).

Galvawk almost electrocuted the entire world! You defeated him--Now you get to summon him to do your dirty work!

Alternate Image

Numbers thanks to In Media Res.

  • Starts out as 171-512 plus 1077% Stats along with 37 BTH.

  • All Magic Hits receive +5 BTH and deal 85/90 damage.
  • All Melee Hits receive -5 BTH and deal 85/80 damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the above numbers.

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