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Crystal Sunshyne -> Crystal's Creative Commentary (8/2/2013 21:35:47)

Crystal's Poetry

The Magic of Language

Thanks for reading :)

Elryn -> RE: Crystal's Poetry Commentary (8/2/2013 22:08:10)

*Elryn grins*

A splendid read. Chapeau.

Crystal Sunshyne -> RE: Crystal's Poetry Commentary (8/2/2013 22:22:34)

Thanks :D

*Crystal hugs Elryn*

It is at least a year later than I meant to post something here, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway :) Hopefully more to come soon.

Gianna Glow -> RE: Crystal's Poetry Commentary (8/12/2013 11:25:41)

I'm just dropping in to say I love your poetry, its so simple yet to the point. As result, its elegant. I'm very impressed by in, especially "imperfection". I love how you challenged the perfections to be imperfect, if they dared. Brilliant.

Crystal Sunshyne -> RE: Crystal's Poetry Commentary (8/12/2013 13:43:02)

Thanks for commenting and for appreciating my poetry :) 'Imperfection' was the encouragement I gave myself to work past my personal struggles with anxiety and perfectionism. I basically wrote that poem in order to tell myself to stop worrying if my poetry wasn't perfect and just share what I had, so if it weren't for 'Imperfection' it might have been another year before you knew I existed ;)

Azan -> RE: Crystal's Poetry Commentary (6/23/2015 18:34:26)


I just discovered your poetry and I'm in love with it. It's beautiful and magnificently evocative. It was raining outside when I read your 'Rain' and I found myself admiring the weather for long and perfect minutes after reading.[:)] I especially love your most recent one, 'Another Book', as I perfectly understand the need for more and more books and the wonder of being in a library and just looking at these tons of books and wanting to devour them all...

Thank you for making this splendid poetry and sharing it here, and I'll definitely keep an eye on your thread if you post more!

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