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Jorath -> Ra'Ta (10/4/2013 21:19:36)



Location: Trithril

Quests given

Shops owned

Ra'Ta: I found something you'll need for your ship!

Ra'Ta: It's not a rift or anything like that. Well, not for what you need it for. It's a mineral! Trithril!

Ra'Ta: It's beautiful... dark with a hint of turquoise...

Ra'Ta: That's not what makes it important.
Ra'Ta: If you crush it to dust, it will coat any surface with a thin, protective layer! They used to use it to protect delicate things they were pulling through the rifts!
Ra'Ta: It should help protect your ship in the Void too!

Ra'Ta: Well... I think I'm the only one that knows about it.
Ra'Ta: No one seems to have realized that some Trithril deposits came along when the city was moved... if they did, I...
Ra'Ta: I don't think there'd be enough for you. If anyone does find out... don't say I told you, please.


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